Why You Should Use Deep Links In Your Blog Posts

Deep Links

Deep Links

When we look at why we should use deep links in our blog posts we should first be clear about exactly what they are.

A deep link is basically an internal link in your post.  So you might be writing an update on an old post so you can link to that older post, you might be writing about something you have mentioned before, you can link to that post and so on.  I’m sure you get the picture.

So why are deep links important?

Well, having internal links does a couple of powerful things for you and your blog.  Firstly it will keep your readers on your blog for longer as they will click through to read the post you mention to get more information on what you are talking about.  Secondly it helps you to capitalize on search engine optimization.  You will have keywords that will link these posts, they will form a network of related articles that will be better seen by the search engines.

And what is the best way to include a deep link?

Deep links are better when they are natural, not manufactured or put in just because you think you should.  If you are writing about SEO you won’t link to an article about making videos just because in one sentence it mentions SEO.  Unless you were specifically writing about SEO for videos and then you can link back to that previous post.  So always make it relevant to the topic you are writing about.

Remember your keywords are important.  Look for related keywords in your linked posts because this is the tie that keeps the posts together and creates the linked network.

If you want to know more about deep links and why they are good for your blog go and check The Seven Commandments of Internal Links because it really sums the whole topic up nicely.

How hard do you try to put deep links into your posts?  Or external links, do you look for related posts when you are writing?

Enjoy the journey!


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