Why Use An RSS Feed?

Blogs and RSS feeds are great marketing tools.  A blog is basically a journal or diary that is kept online.  It changes every time you add new content.  An RSS feed is a little more involved.  RSS (usually referred to as Really Simple Syndication) is a means to publish regular updates to web content.  The content itself is known as the feed.  In other words, RSS feeds are a great way to get information that changes often (for example blogs or even news headlines) out on the web to an amazingly large audience.   For the reader you are always kept up to date with new posts.

So why should you use blogs and RSS feeds?   When more people view your site, you will make more sales.  Of course, the trick is to get the visitors to your site.  While you sit there reading this article, there are search engines silently exploring cyberspace for new or updated web content.   When you update your blog and use RSS feeds, your new information will be noticed by these tireless search engines and published across the World Wide Web.

Follow the example of hugely successful sites like Yahoo!, CNET, ABC News,and Amazon. Get on the RSS feed band wagon and share in the success.  Join the masses of bloggers who are posting on personal and professional blogs.  Write your way to success.

Blogging and RSS feeds have been made simple for even the most technologically challenged.  If you have ever been frustrated by a static website that has little traffic try creating a blog and use the RSS feed.  You’ll discover a brand new marketing technique that will astound you with the increase in profit your website will net.

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