What’s Your Purpose?

At the begining of the year it is common for marketers to think about goals and goal setting, but as bloggers we must also think about where we are going and what our purpose is.

When I took on the 30 Day Blog Post Challenge I decided to focus on specific blogging tips that my readers to could learn from.  I decided that my purpose for the challenge would be to relate to you what works for me as a successful blogger.

In the first post I talked about taking part in challenges to help you to focus and inspire you to write posts on a regular basis.  You can click this link to read ‘What’s New For 2013?’

On day two I introduced to you to a great post idea that will link to other blogs and encourage your regular commenters to come back for more.  You can read ‘A Great Post Idea From  A Master’ by clicking this link.

On day three I gave you a practical example by naming all of my active blog commenters of 2012 and linking to their blogs.  You can read that post by clicking this link, ‘A Thank You To All My Readers’.

On day four I used an example of a ‘tease’ video that can encourage people to visit your blog to see what you have written.  The video you make should hint at what the post is about, but not explain fully.  This encourages curiosity and people will visit to see what you are up to.  You can watch my video by clicking the link, ‘Are You On The List?’.

So as you can see each of my posts so far have been written with a specific purpose in mind, to help you to understand how to create a successful blog by having a purpose.

So what is your purpose?

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