What Image Are You Trying To Portray?

Interestingly I am not talking about your personal image.

What I am talking about is your professional image, the image you portray on your blog.  In the weeks before I opened Art-next-the-Sea last July I invited artists to visit the gallery while we decorated with a view to exhibiting their work.  All were very complimentary and said they would love to exhibit, apart from one artist who said ‘what image are you trying to portray?’  I, of course, had not considered this at all.  I imagined I would invite 20 or so artists to supply me with some of their work, hang it in the bays and hopefully sell it.  We had a bright, modern space, well lit, a good graphic artist had designed a great logo, and we had lots of enthusiasm for the project – but I didn’t consider what image the gallery was portraying.

I pondered on what he said as the weeks went by.  Had I got it right?  Had I got it dreadfully wrong?  We sold well, artists liked exhibiting at the gallery – isn’t that what it’s all about?  I asked lots of people their opinion about an image.  Were we heading down the wrong path?

The response was a resounding ‘NO’!  Everyone loved our eclectic mix, customers and artists alike.  Our gallery provides something for everyone.  We have a real mix of genres, a good selection of crafts, a great variety of single artist exhibitions throughout the year.  I decided an eclectic mix is good.

And so to my blog.  When I started blogging John Thornhill said ‘write about anything’.  So I did.  After a while I wondered if I should have an ‘image’ for my blog.  Should I stick to one topic?  Should I try to research an area of interest more and focus on that?

I bet you know what I’m going to say.  I’ve decided I like having an eclectic mix.  I like writing about anything that takes my fancy.  If I had to tell someone what my blog is about I would say ‘it’s about life’.

Enjoy the journey.

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