Welcome to 2012

I had intended to write this post a week ago, however I arrived at my blog to find it had been hacked and I was directed to a foreign site.  On checking I discovered all my sites had been hacked (as I use a shared server rather than a reseller account at the moment).  Although this troubled me somewhat I had the utmost faith in my hosting service, D9, and they came through for me, sorting the problem out (which turned out to be malicious code) in next to no time really.  So now I am back online and eager to make some important acknowledgements.

Over the last couple of months there have been a number of challenges and accolades distributed around the internet, and I am lucky enough to have been in receipt of some of these.  I would particularly like to acknowledge Barry Wells, who awarded me the Sunshine Award at New Year.  Right back at you, Barry, as you are absolutely a ray of sunshine to fellow bloggers.  I was also awarded this accolade by Randy Smith, whose monthly Northallerton Internet Marketing Meet Ups I attend on a regular basis.  Randy will help anyone who asks and spreads his own particular brand of sunshine all over the internet.  Thanks, Randy.

The Sunshine Award is passed on from blogger to blogger.  Any recipient of the award can pass it on if they have come across someone who has been particularly helpful or spreads a ray of sunshine on their way.  The award helps to spread the word about who are the true gems in our blogging community.  This is really important for people who are new to the blogging community as it can be a good indicator of who to trust and who to go to for help or impartial advice.

I was also nominated for a challenge at the end of last year.  The 7 Link Challenge asks you to find 7 of your own posts that fit the required categories in the challenge.  Again it is passed from blogger to blogger and each time someone completes the challenge they must nominate the next bloggers to fulfil the challenge.  I was nominated for this one by Barry Wells, Randy Smith and Nikki Stephens, and will have to pass the challenge to other bloggers on when I have completed it.

Both of these require quite long posts to be written so I will close here and write two new posts up over the next couple of days or so.  I am excited about the prospect of completing the required posts and over the moon that these were passed on to me by bloggers who I have great  respect for.

Welcome 2012 – I am already looking forward to what’s in store!


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  1. Hi Mandy,

    Good to hear you got all the sites back online!
    That must have been a serious worry for a while 🙁

    Now it sounds like you have a lot of writing to do to catch up with all the awards and challenges….lol

    Hope to see you in Feb 🙂


    1. Hi Randy, thanks for visiting. To be honest with you I had the utmost faith in D9 and I guess it could have been much much worse. And you are right, I have a lot of writing to do now!

      See you in February, Igor and I are coming up together again.

      Enjoy the journey.


  2. Mandy,

    Congratulations on being nominated for both the Sunshine award and the 7 Links Challenge.

    Sorry to hear about your blogs being hacked. That is a horrible feeling and really frustrating.

    I am glad that you got it all sorted out and everything up and running again.

    Look forward to you next posts.

    Dee Ann Rice

    1. Hi Dee Ann, thanks for visiting. I’m very pleased everything turned out ok with the blogs. It was a worry for a while. I am looking forward to writing my two challenge posts. I’ve been working on them but the hardest thing is choosing who to pass them on to. I might have to do two lists for the sunshine award, one of people who have received it already and one with people who haven’t, as there are loads of worthy recipients.

      Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hey Mandy, new to your site here, can’t wait to look around and read some more. very good info! 😀 good luck in 2012!

    1. Hi Aaron, welcome and thanks for visiting. I hope you’ve found lots to keep you coming back!

      Enjoy the journey.


  4. Hey Mandy

    Sorry to hear about your recent attack, it’s horrible when they get in but at least you had d9 on the case…

    I went through a period when it was happening all the time so I went with a reseller account to limit the damage (lol)

    Congratulations on being awarded the sunshine award twice, very deserving and I bet that put a smile on your face…

    So you’ve got lots of posts to write then so I’ll leave you to get on with them.

    See you at the meet up and I’ll email you soon with my mobile number, just in case the trains late lol

    Take care


    1. Hi Dawn, thanks for visiting. You are right, I have lots of writing to do now! Looking forward to the meetup in Feb, it’s seems like an age since we were last there…but then again, it is!

      Enjoy the journey.


  5. Hi Mandy, Thanks for the mentions and for linking to me, it’s very good of you “Thanks”

    Sorry to hear about the hacking situation. I had a scare myself last year and it wasn’t nice at all. At least D9 are hot on it and look straight into it for us.

    I dread to think where we’d be without them.

    You so deserve the Sunshine Award Mandy. Every where I go i see you reaching out to help others in so many different ways. Forums comments facebook you’re always there Mandy.

    Good luck on getting the posts written, I look forward to seeing them 🙂

    Take care, Barry

    1. Hi Barry, thanks for visiting. I always love to mention good friends, Barry. D9 are fabulous, aren’t they. They were a godsend. Thank you for sending me the award, I believe that we will all prosper by helping each other.

      Enjoy the journey.


  6. Hi Mandy…
    Congrats on your Sunshine award…I was just nominated and you explained it so well!

    I want to write a post about it also as it reinspires us bloggers to keep on keeping on 😉
    Sometimes I wonder if anyone is really listening and then something nice like this happens and it warms you all up inside.

    I know this is going to be a great year for you. I’ve watched your growth with tremendous admiration the last few years.

    Celebrating 2012 with you Mandy…I’ll be cheering you all the way!
    Let me know of any USA trips and possibly we could meet at my daughters condo 😉

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for visiting. I am going to try and introduce some new people into the list in my post but I really could make my list up of people I already know have received the award, like yourself, Kathy. You would be on my list without a doubt.

      I am coming to the US this year but not to Florida, going to Oregon this time, flying in to Sacramento and driving up the coast, the inland some. I will be returning to Florida in 2013 though, it’s partially planned, I’m hoping to bring my sister and her family (I think there will be 10 of us!) so we have to plan ahead so they can all arrange the same holiday etc. It would be lovely to meet up, it’s a pity we didn’t manage it when I was near you last year.

      Wishing you a great 2012, Kathy!

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Barry Ranns on January 29, 2012 at 9:37 am
    • Reply

    Hi Mandy,

    How dreadful getting your site hacked, I suppose this is one of the potential dangers we share when blogging.

    I still haven’t managed to get to one of Randy’s meetups yet, but I am hoping to get there soon.


    1. Hi Barry, thank you for visiting. I was only a bit worried, I have great faith in D9! Hope to see you at Northallerton soon!

      Enjoy the journey.


  7. Hi Mandy
    I have just discovered your blog and would like to congratulate you on the Sunshine award, Barry Wells has helped me a lot so I know I am in good company with you all!

    Sorry to hear that you were hacked, must have been a nightmare for you but glad you are back up and running.

    Good luck for 2012

    I will be back to read more in the future.


    1. Hi Pauline, thanks for visiting. I was very pleased to get the award and am looking forward to writing my post to pass it on!

      Enjoy the journey.


  8. Hi Mandy.
    Just stumbled on your post via Barry Wells blog. I have to say that after Barry visited my blog a couple of weeks ago, I have been introduced to a whole new set of online friends.
    Barry is a true blogger and always takes time out to respond to his readers. He found me via Adrienne Smith who I also hold in high regard after just a few weeks of knowing her. There are a lot of great bloggers out there now days and I’m glad to part of the community in 2012.
    Congrats on being passed an award and I hope your challenge goes well.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for visiting. It’s great that you feel part of the blogging community. There are so many people who are willing to share. Pleased to meet you.

      Enjoy the journey.


  9. hi mandy thanks for the comments on my blog and congratulations on the sunshine award.

    and what a great blog …..

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for visiting. Glad you like the blog, hope to see you here again soon.

      Enjoy the journey.


  10. Hi Mandy

    Firstly; Congratulations on being nominated for both the Sunshine award and the 7 Links Challenge. The Sunshine Award is fully deserved Mandy your always helping and supporting others well done!

    Sorry to hear you had been hacked it must have been a real worry and nightmare for you. But at least D9 managed to sort it out for you.

    As you probably know I had a little trouble with my blog last year but thankfully that was all sorted as well.

    Like you Mandy I have been graced with nominations but as yet I still have to do my post’s which is on “my to do list” – catching up slowly 😉

    I am making it a point to attend one of Randy’s meet up’s once I get back on top of things so we can catch up there!

    Well done again Mandy and have a great year ahead…

    Take care, catch up soon


    1. Hi Ian, thanks for visiting. I have decided to break the sunshine award post into two parts as it’s already well over a thousand words long and I haven’t finished yet! So the first part will be my answers to the questions, then I’ll do my own nominations.

      Enjoy the journey.


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