Walk On The Wild Side

When you start Internet marketing using any of the current options open to you, like websites, blogs, social media or tweets, you will be bombarded with decisions to make.  At first you will feel like you are walking blindfolded in a dark forest of hidden traps – a veritable Walk On The Wild Side.

Instead of getting discouraged by what you DON’T know, just take it one step at a time.  Let’s assume that you have your blog theme selected,  and have a professional header.  So, your first decision to make is what to write for your first blog post.

Let’s face it, you can just chat about your first attempts to write a blog post, but that’s really not productive for your need to increase your income with blogging.

On the other hand you could introduce yourself and announce your plans for future posts and resources for your readers.  That would be more productive and set you off on your blogging journey in a more productive manner than the previous suggestion.

However, before you post one word on your blog, look behind the scenes a little and make sure all your technical processes are 100% in order.  If you skip this step, you can be sure that you will have difficulties at some time in the future at a very inconvenient time.

Put up a test post complete with the link to leave a comment.  Have a friend logon to your blog and:

  • Test every link to make sure they all work like they are supposed to
  • Comment on your test post to check that process
  • Download your giveaway so you can be sure your readers will get it
  • Buy your product to make sure your PayPal button, or other payment process is doing what it is supposed to do…collect payments for you!  (Of course, you can decline the payment with PayPal and your friend will keep his money)
  • Click on every tab at the top of the page and follow every link in each category.  Your links have to go where they are supposed to go if you plan on looking professional to your readers.
  • Leave absolutely nothing to chance!  Don’t announce your blog or promote it in any way until you have checked all links and processes.
  • Do it twice if you have to.

Now you can concentrate on the content for your first post.

Next time we’ll talk about your first post!

Enjoy the journey.

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