Walk On The Wild Side, Part Two

In the first part of this post, Walk On The Wild Side, we looked at considerations for your first blog, things to bear in mind before you publish your site and your first post.

Once you have established that your site works properly look again at your first and subsequent posts and follow these steps:

  • Make your headlines interesting or controversial.  Numbers are very attractive to readers, like “10 Reasons to…” or “5 Necessary Plugins”.  Lists are magnets for blogging eyes.
  • Secrets and Mysteries make great headlines that appeal to your reader’s curiosity, like “3 Hidden Secrets to…” or “(Your Niche) Mystery Solved!”
  • If you are going to use graphics to accent your content, don’t use the flashing, jumping graphics scooting across the page that kids like.  Your older readers have real difficulty focusing on them and they are very irritating to a large number of readers with good vision.
  • When you are writing your blog posts, be conversational and don’t use vocabulary you don’t understand.  Big words that are meaningless or incorrectly used will drive your readers away as fast as they can find the big, red “X” in the corner.
  • It’s OK to mention some problematic experience you had setting up your blog, but it would be better if you could explain how you solved the problem.

With all of the tips and suggestions above, the most important thing you have to remember and never forget is to always, always have fresh content on your blog.  Don’t use content you find on other blogger’s sites.  That’s plagiarism and will do you no good in search engine ranking either.  Write your own content, be honest, or hire a ghostwriter if you need to.  They will write unique content for you.

Sooner or later you will have a stash of PLR that will be useful when you just run out of ideas.  But don’t just use it.  Rewrite it and add some new content.  Hundreds or thousands of other bloggers have the same PLR and, more importantly, Google knows it.  Google hates duplicate content.  Enough said!

For truly unique PLR you can check out the AllStar PLR link in the sidebar.  Peggy Baron only ever releases a small number of copies of her PLR, so there is a lot less chance of the same thing being said elsewhere, but do still change it to suit your own style.

Enjoy the journey.

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