Three Questions To Ask Before Picking The Perfect Blog Niche For You

According to many statistics, 90% of online startups fail, and blogging as a money making route is not an exception.

No wonder the percentage is so high, as most of them have been started from emotional decisions, with no proper feasibility study, and the result is tons of expired domains and a huge loss of money.

Yes, like any startup you might consider offline, you should do a feasibility study, prepare a lot of documents, and do a lot of calculations, just to know if this is a feasible opportunity for you, or not.

You need to do a good analysis breakdown before selecting the proper niche that will hopefully bring in the money.

To analyze a blog niche you need to answer the next extremely important questions: 

1. What is the niche that you really like?

The niche that you select to write a hundred posts on should be something that you really like and know a lot about. That will make your job a piece of cake.

But it is not an easy journey, right?

No it is not and you need to work hard, as you are not the first person who will write in that niche.

You have to find out what are the needs of the audience and represent the topic in a creative way.

So, your blog must not be just “Another WordPress blog”. You have to be unique, to stand out from the crowd otherwise your blog might be caught in the Google sandbox for a very long time.

And if you are not passionate about the niche your goal will not be easy to achieve.

You might say, ”I will hire a writer to do the job for me”!

Assuming that you have enough budget to outsource the content creation, you need to know about the niche to evaluate the delivered content for quality sent to you by your writer.

Otherwise, you will just accept anything, and end with a blog full of content which makes little or no sense, or at least not up to the targeted audience’s par.

Another advantage of targeting a niche that you already like and know about is that you will be already connected to some bloggers in that niche, so building strong relationships with these bloggers is much easier for you, and you could get some nice backlinks too.

2. Is it worth targeting that niche?

You might like a niche, or be passionate about it, but there may be no money in that niche!

Yes, that could happen, here are some of the reasons:

Not Enough Commercial Intent Keywords

Commercial intent keywords are those keywords that expect the intention is to buy the product.  For example: “Best cable modem”, or “top cardio machine reviews”.. etc.

If most of the keywords you have found in the niche are informational, you will end up by only monetizing your site with Google AdSense, and it will not work for you unless you have huge amounts traffic, which is not the case when you are starting, nor at least for a year.

There Are Some Products With Good Keywords, But They Aren’t Worth Your Time

If the niche you do love has cheap products it will not be a lucrative niche site.  Most people will try to buy those products offline, as the savings, if found, online will not be that much.

3. How is the competition?

The list of niches is a very long one.

You might have great experience in something, or are extremely passionate about it, but when you search using the money keywords on Google, you find the niche beasts there.  Will it be a good decision to compete with these giants?

For me, I’d leave that niche, and find another niche, unless there are a lot of keywords that have low competition, but you might ask yourself how do you check the keyword competitiveness?

Find long tail keywords of 50 monthly search volume and above.  As they are long tail keywords, there will be enough variations and you will get good amount of traffic.

Check the Keyword on Google and see the top 10 results.

The keyword is great to target if there are at least two competitors on page one which have a DA/PA less than 30, or a TF/CF less than 25/35 respectively.

You will likely be able to beat such competitors, especially if they have few backlinks.

If you can find a list of 50-100 keywords, then you have a niche to target, otherwise you should skip that niche.

Bottom Line:

So we have seen what are the main questions that we need to ask ourselves to ensure that your time, effort, and money will not be wasted.  Now, it is your turn.  If you see that there are more checks and analysis that can be done to ensure that a niche site will be productive, just let me know in the comment box.

Hussain Omar has built his expertise as a knowledgeable and experienced SEO strategist, he’s the founder of Hustaw SEO, and the guy behind Cost Effective SEO blog. He is an addict to anything related to SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Blogging.


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  1. Really interesting post. I think that it is so important to think about these questions as bloggers start out. It helps to know who you are writing for, and what your ideal customer looks like. I think a lot of people make the mistake of making their niche too broad, and that’s when we end up with blogs that are all over the place.

  2. Such a great post! It’s so hard to pick the perfect blog niche! This is super helpful!
    Amanda recently posted..A Modern, Romantic Dinner ft. ALDIMy Profile

  3. This is very informative. I definitely struggle with a niche on my own blog. I just love sharing everything I find interesting without having my target audience in mind.
    Aduke Schulist recently posted..Reasons Why I Am SingleMy Profile

  4. I think the number one question is always about what interests and/or excites you. From there the research is very important.
    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted..10 Things a Wild Camper Needs for Stress Free AdventuresMy Profile

  5. Yes, these are so important! Thanks for these tips.

  6. Yes you are right, but I always choose the niche according to my interests because then I will be able to provide the exact what I want to give the readers. Many thanks for the making and sharing this post 🙂
    VIDPK recently posted..Watch Bulbulay Episode 79 On ARY Digital – 10 Dec 2016My Profile

  7. Hi Mandy

    Its very important for us to know what interests us. it is then only we can give our 100%.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Sonal Talwar recently posted..What are the common neurological disorders in children?My Profile

  8. Hey, thanks for the advice. I think it’s also worth thinking about the intentions of your blog as well – not everyone wants to get rich off a blog, or get a ton of followers. Just write about what makes you happy.
    Amy Poulton – Page Traveller recently posted..My Favourite Quotes from Wild by Cheryl StrayedMy Profile

  9. Great advice! It’s all about passion, what you could offer others and how you can help others.

  10. I asked myself all of these questions before creating my blog. I think it’s important that you are truly interested in the topic you want to share with your directed audience. The results are always better that way!
    Courtney recently posted..Opening upMy Profile

  11. Proper planning and area of interest is very important for any blog.
    Thanks for giving us valuable info. keep it up.
    Urbane parent recently posted..Precautions for children in winterMy Profile

  12. Great post. Many of us actually do not consider about #3 until it is too late
    Priyadarshini Rajendran recently posted..Pinterest 101: All you need to start Pinteresting! (A blogger’s guide to Pinterest)My Profile

  13. Hey Mandy,
    It is a big honor to get my guest post accepted here, appreciated!

    Hussain Omar recently posted..Top 7 Ahrefs AlternativesMy Profile

  14. Is it worth targeting that niche- yes! Sometimes, no matter how passionate you are it’s just not worth it

  15. Thank you for this! I wonder if sometimes the niche finds you as well? My blog is all over the place. This is very well written excellent advice.

  16. Thank you for this advice. I am in the process of rebranding and have found this information useful.
    Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS recently posted..Doctors Prescribing ExerciseMy Profile

  17. Hi Mandy,
    A well-crafted post. It’s really important to choose a niche before we actually start a blog. But In my opinion, a person should find a niche about which he or she already knows a lot and can get on with it or quickly get a better ranking.
    And for sure, I enjoyed reading your post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Robin Khokhar recently posted..Link Echoes And Link Ghosts: How Do They Affect Your SEO?My Profile

  18. It can be such a struggle finding the right space for writing. Balancing the niche with your audience is a constantly moving target. But, the writer has to enjoy writing about that topic or it is not worth writing

  19. Hey Mandy! What a nice surprise to see Hussain here today! When I first started my blog I had no idea what a niche even was! All I knew was I wanted to share with others what I was learning here online! Interesting how things turn out HUH?

    Thank you for sharing with us..
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..The Essential Elements Of SuccessMy Profile

  20. SO true and sometimes a much needed reality check. Great tips!

  21. This was very educational and helpful for someone that’s just started blogging thankyou 🙂

  22. I started blogging by accident. I started a new business. And I wanted people to know what I was about. So I wrote a couple of blog entries. And, through a series of events, I ended up becoming a blogger despite never planning to be one. My niche is weight loss and clean eating. So at least I landed in something that can be lucrative. But I think it it good to do some planning before you start your blog. That way you don’t go in just hoping that it will work out.
    Erica recently posted..My Unplugged Technology-Free StaycationMy Profile

  23. These tips are so helpful! I think a lot of people get into blogging without having any idea how much it’s truly going to take!

  24. Hi Hussain, Great to see you here,
    These are indeed great tips for picking a perfect blog Niche. I feel like I’m on my way to understanding,
    Thank you for posting.
    Saurabh Tiwari recently posted..InsTube App Review – Download Youtube Videos And Music For AndroidMy Profile

  25. Hi Mandy and Hussain …
    Honestly, you really have to follow your heart on this. I remember trying to write about SEO, Social Media and hated it… LOL .. so obviously I did not succeed. What I enjoy is promoting others, helping others .. that’s the nurse in me… great to see you guest blogging Hussain..
    Lesly Federici recently posted..Get Fully Inspired With Bisco IbitadeMy Profile

  26. Hi Hussain,

    Great to see you here on Mandy’s blog. Your tips to pick a niche sure do help. We have to choose something that interests us so we never get bored or tire of writing.

    I enjoy sharing my journey and things I have learned about blogging and marketing. Whenever I take a paid course, I do share so much with my posts.

    I love it when someone obtains information from one of my posts and takes action upon it.

    Donna Merrill recently posted..How To Get Out Of Your Blogging BubbleMy Profile

  27. Hi Mandy and Hussain,

    An interesting and useful article about choosing a niche for your blog.

    Even though I was allegedly doing a coaching course, I just lurched in with a topic I was interested in, didn’t get specific enough, got thoroughly bored with it and scrapped several blogs that I should have been interested in! Shame really, as I put a lot of work into them and they ended up quite decent really…. but I just ran out of steam with it all.

    Happily I continued with my current blog and, although the focus strays somewhat, I enjoy the process and am much more relaxed about it all now!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark
    Joy Healey recently posted..How to Get More from Your Email MarketingMy Profile

  28. I love this concept,many newbies are making mistake in choosing the perfect Blog Niche. And these instructions will surely help them out,the informations in this post should be implemented to achieve a blogging success.

  29. Hi Mandy and Hussain,

    Very informative post!! There is something new information in your posts…Your tips are useful for everyone..Keep going…Thanks
    Rakesh Muppu recently posted..3 Things B2B Appointment Setting Services Must Do For Better ResultsMy Profile

  30. I picked my niche from what I know and what I love – I could write about blogging but I am still learning

  31. Hi Mandy & Hussain,

    Hussain your work is popping up in a lot of interesting places these days! (Good selection of a guest poster, Mandy)

    Picking an online niche to work, is probably the most difficult and crucial business decision facing any would-be entrepreneur. Good advice, Hussain.
    Edward Thorpe recently posted..Protect Your Hearing As You Age – It’s Your ChoiceMy Profile

  32. Great tips for selecting a niche. The one thing I would add, along with picking something you’re passionate about and know a lot about is that you should also be willing to learn more about the topic as you go. What you already know is only going to take you so far and you’ll have to stay up to date on your topic to be seen as an authority.
    Ruth Bowers recently posted..Confidence Challenge, Day 6: Stretching to Build ConfidenceMy Profile

  33. Hello Hussain and Mandi

    Picking the right niche is the beginning of a good blog.
    The first question is very important because it is going to help you choose what you like and this will prevent unnecessary burn out

    I remember when I first I started my blog. I asked myself if I am willing to write on personal development for ages and this has kept me going.
    Izuzu Nworgu recently posted..How To Motivate Yourself To Get Up When You Hit Rock Bottom (Opinions of 7 Expert Bloggers)My Profile

  34. Picking a perfect blog niche is the most essential part of creating a blog. I completely agree with all the points you have mentioned above. Many beginner bloggers select the wrong niche which they can continue for a long run which results in a blog failure. If one has to avoid wastage of resources and time then blog niche must be carefully selected. Thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing piece of content. Looking forward to more such quality posts… 🙂

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