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In the month of May I have participated in a blog challenge run by a group I am in, The Power Affiliate Club (PAC for short!!).  The challenge was to write a post every day for four weeks and to visit as many other participants’ blogs as we could as well as connecting with people on Facebook.  During the course of the challenge many of the participants have said how great it was to have a challenge and a focus and we should do this type of thing more often.  Some years ago I ran a blog carnival in a group I moderated and it was very popular and successful so we are considering running one for PAC in the future.

A Blog Carnival is is a collection of blog posts all written around a specified topic.  The topic can change each time the Carnival is published but the overall theme stays the same.

The host is the person who sorts out all the posts submitted.  Once they have all the posts they want to include in the Carnival they create a page that summarises the posts and lists the links to all the individual posts.  This drives traffic to the independent Blogs that have submitted posts to the Carnival.

The advantage is that everyone gets increased traffic, and the reader visits blogs that have posts written about the topic they are interested in.  It gives the writer a focus and also an opportunity to encourage visitors through the links posted on other blogs.

Any challenge for bloggers is great to encourage more visitors so a good plan is to get involved in a group of people who support each other and challenge each other in a positive way.  Why not take a look at The Power Affiliate Club and see if you want to join an active, supportive group of fellow bloggers.

Enjoy the journey!


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  1. Very cool idea Mandy, sounds like a winner. Idk where you all get such fantastic ideas, but love it. I loved your blog theme too!
    Paula recently posted..Father McAlear and His Healing Ministry, It Is Like Seeing Jesus in ActionMy Profile

  2. Great challenge to be in. Pity I got so tied up with things earlier in the month because I feel like I’ve been flying the last half of the month. Great idea with the blog carnival. Would love to see exactly how that works Mandy.
    Barrie Evans recently posted..Take Action Because Action Speaks Louder Than WordsMy Profile

    1. Hi Barrie, thanks for visiting. The challenge was indeed great. I so enjoyed writing every day, it made me structure my time more effectively. Blog carnivals are great, they were a big thing a few years ago but seem to have dropped off now.

      Enjoy the journey!

  3. Blog carnivals used to be incredibly popular, less so now I think which is a shame.

    Well done for meeting the challenge – I couldn’t blog each day because I can’t help myself from going into lots of detail 🙂

    PAC is the best blogging group I know of. It gives you lots of ways to get known and get more visitors to your blog and social media. Plus it has a really supportive atmosphere.
    Sue Bride recently posted..Yoast SEO Social Media ImagesMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for visiting. Yes, blog carnivals were popular for a while. I enjoyed them. I found having a focus was a great inspiration to write. There was a website where you could sign up for carnivals but it has gone now, as have so many sites I used to frequent.

      Enjoy the journey!

  4. Hi Mandy

    Great challenge to participate in.

    You are undoubtedly a winner!

    PAC is a great place to make yourself known.

    Keep up the hard work.

    1. Hi Sonal, thanks for visiting. Yes, PAC is a great place and a very inspiring group to be part of!

      Enjoy the journey!

  5. Hi Mandy,
    Congratulations on winning the PAC Engagement Contest!
    Writing an article every day was certainly an experience as well and engaging with others on facebook.

    I like the idea of a Blog Carnival. A collection of blog posts all written around a specified topic. Having someone sort out all the posts submitted and creates a page that summarises the posts and lists the links to all the individual posts. Sounds like a great idea.
    Kathryn Maclean recently posted..How to Increase Engagement on your Fan page– Quickly!My Profile

    1. Hi Kathryn, thanks for visiting. Thank you! Everyone did so well, don’t you think? The nice part about blog carnivals is although you are given a topic there always is such a vast range of different posts and opinions to read about. Can’t wait to get started!

      Enjoy the journey!

  6. Hi Mandy,

    PAC is awesome! I’ve never heard of a Blog Carnival, that sounds exciting! This is great idea and I hope to be a part of it in PAC.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Lillian recently posted..4 Elements To Make Blogging For Business SuccessfulMy Profile

    1. Hi Lillian, thanks for visiting. I’m glad you are interested in the blog carnival, it should be a good source of traffic for everyone.

      Enjoy the journey!

  7. Hi Mandy

    I must have missed the challenge of writing a post every day but as you shared, challenges are a good way to boost skills.

    So the challenge for the Carnival is a great idea. Looking forward to it. PAC rocks

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care
    ikechi recently posted..Why You Shouldn’t Throw Any of Yourself AwayMy Profile

    1. Hi Ikechi, thanks for visiting. I look forward to blogging with you on the carnival!

      Enjoy the journey!

  8. Hi Mandy

    Wow, 4 weeks?? That would be difficult, but massively rewarding for your blog and business overall if anyone managed to complete it. Back in December I created my “25 Day Success Challenge” ( posting every day for 25 days and that was very difficult. So a full 4 weeks would be a mighty challenge.

    I’ll definitely take a look at PAC, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    Greg Noland recently posted..The King is Dead – Muhammad Ali TributeMy Profile

    1. Hi Greg, thanks for visiting. I did it, every single day for a month. Quite a challenge but successful for me. Do look at PAC, it’s a great group to be in, very supportive.

      Enjoy the journey!

  9. I’ve never heard of PAC before, If there is a challenge, we’re be able to over it.
    Louis Lh. recently posted..Don’t Go on a Diet, Why?My Profile

    1. Hi Louis, thanks for visiting. I love challenges and it’s great to be part of a supportive group when you’re doing them.

      Enjoy the journey!

  10. Hi Mandy,

    Enjoyed your post, as per usual 😉 I kinda like PAC and the members blogs, too.

    Happy to see you taking on writing challenges because I happen to like your writing style. Have a great week,
    Edward Thorpe recently posted..The Truth About Combining Cataract and Lasik SurgeryMy Profile

    1. Hi Edward, thanks for visiting. I love challenges and it’s a great way to get people involved, and their are always great results if you participate too!

      Enjoy the journey!

  11. Hi Mandy, I never heard about that power affiliate club when i saw your post topic that time i think your are talking about affiliate marketing but it is totally different and after read this post i learned some new things. Thanks for share buddy, keep posting.
    Carl Martin recently posted..Lady Gaga to perform at Super Bowl 2017 Halftime Show. It’s Official Now!My Profile

    1. Hi Carl, thanks for visiting. Yes, we are about sharing and supporting rather than the main thrust of affiliate marketing. The idea is that within the group we buy from each other if that is an option rather then giving the affiliate income to someone unknown. But there is so much more to PAC!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Fail To Plan And You Plan To FailMy Profile

  12. You just said there is more to PAC… can u tell me the main things. I find it rather interesting.
    Carl Martin recently posted..Super Bowl 2017 Countdown – Best Clocks to Track CountdownMy Profile

    1. Hi Carl, we work a lot on engagement and bringing more visitors to your blog, including more comments. Each week we participate in a little ‘competition’ to engage with each other, and every month there are blog challenges to try and stretch ourselves and explore new avenues. It’s a very supportive environment and there are a lot of bloggers in there so there’s also a wealth of information and any blogging questions you might have are encouraged so the group can discuss and offer help and advice. It’s a great learning environment for us all. There are two levels of membership, free and paid so you can test the waters for free first.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Fail To Plan And You Plan To FailMy Profile

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