The Importance of Friends

Three things happened this week that prompted me to write this post about the importance of friends.  The first was an email comment made to me by an inspired writer, Susan Owen-Thursfield (you can see what I mean about her being ‘inspired’ by reading her blog here).  In the email she said ‘every day you don’t make a new friend is a day wasted’, the point being that we need to cultivate friendships, work at them and make them happen, as it is these friendships that add variety and interest to our lives.

The second thing that happened had a real impact on my perception of the relationships we build in our lives.  I went to a dear friend’s funeral last week and two things in particular struck me.  The first was the amount of people I knew there, and the second was the amount of people I didn’t know!  We spend our lives cultivating relationships around us but often all are separate from each other.  We have our family and they are separate often from our friends, then we have our work colleagues who are also friends, we have friends in different places (often different parts of the world even), we have our friends here on the internet.  All of these people are important in our lives, and yet all sit in separate compartments within our lives.  Not deliberately, but by virtue of the role they play within our lives.  We all came together for this person’s funeral and all felt we knew him so very well, but all knew him in a different way.

The third thing that happened is that I read back through my previous posts on here, and in particluar ‘Hobbies and Interests’.  It wasn’t so much the post that struck a chord but the comment left by another fellow blogger, Steve Deerfield.  Steve said ‘I liked all your posts and especially your attitude about keeping in touch with people that we actually CAN touch.  If there’s any huge sucking sound going on anymore I think it’s the sound of our attentions being drawn to the internet and the promises and experiences that it may hold.’

Although I agree with Steve about that comment I also feel that the relationships we are building with each other through the internet are as valuable in real terms as our ‘tangible’ friendships.  I place great value on my relationships with others, whether they are family, friends I’ve known all my life, relatively new friends, and people I can now call friends who I have met through the internet.  Each of you are equally important in my life and I thank you all for the opportunity to know some part of you.  Who am I without the other people in my life?

Enjoy the journey.

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