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Walk On The Wild Side, Part Two

In the first part of this post, Walk On The Wild Side, we looked at considerations for your first blog, things to bear in mind before you publish your site and your first post. Once you have established that your site works properly look again at your first and subsequent posts and follow these steps: …

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Finding Good Quality PLR Can Be Hard

There are a great number of PLR sources online, but to be honest most contain the same old packages that are often very poorly written and offer no value.  Many don’t even offer you a starting point as they contain no valuable information on the subject you want to write about.  At the end of …

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Alternative Content Sources

Blogs and websites that have rich content are always going to do better than those that don’t.  I am sure you wondered where these blogs get their ideas, views and opinions.  It is easy to write about something you are passionate about – but to do that most days of the week is extremely hard, …

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