Think Outside The Box

Almost every tutorial on blogging tells you to post unique content and most of them also mention that most of the valuable subjects have been used and well-covered by hundreds or thousands of other blogs on the Internet.  That statement is true enough with a limited scope, but your response to that should be “So…

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Walk On The Wild Side

When you start Internet marketing using any of the current options open to you, like websites, blogs, social media or tweets, you will be bombarded with decisions to make.  At first you will feel like you are walking blindfolded in a dark forest of hidden traps – a veritable Walk On The Wild Side. Instead…

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Decisions, Decisions!

I have been blogging for nearly four years now and used this domain,, to promote and expand my self help interests.  The site has been very popular and posts have achieved large numbers of comments. About two years ago I started another domain focussing on teaching others how to blog.  This domain also was…

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