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Are You Successful?


Of course when asked the question ‘Are You Successful?’ you need to understand what the question means and how success is measured both by you and the person asking.  For example if someone asked me if I was successful I would most definitely say yes, but they may be talking about a variety of different …

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The End of the Christmas Season

It might seem strange to talk abut Christmas at the end of January and almost into February.  Many of you who know about Christmas will realise that this is not strange at all as Candlemas is actually the end of the Christmas festivities, and we have just had our Candlemas service at the weekend.  Christmas …

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Action Is The Foundation For Success

There are no secrets to success, and a dream doesn’t become a reality by magic.  It takes hard work and determination.  As Gordon B. Hinckley said ‘without hard work nothing grows but weeds’. I’ve been working hard for some time with a good friend, Steve King.  We met on an IM course in February 2009 …

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Build Your Market With Your Blog

Unless you are a Hollywood star, chances are only your Mom reads your posts.  Mom has a lot of friends, so she lets her friends know how interesting your blog site is.  But you need not depend on Mom to increase your readership base.  Look into the following ways to build your market through blogging: …

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