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2017 Round Up Post

Thank You

So, a new year is upon us and it’s become a kind of tradition with me to do a round up post at the start of the new year. In the post I try to include links to the blogs of people who have been and commented during the previous year. This year it has …

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Don’t Make These Blogging Mistakes!

If you’ve just entered the world of blogging or if you’ve been blogging for any amount of time and find that things are not working out as you expected it would be worth your while spending some time understanding the common mistakes that bloggers make, mistakes that make it hard to enjoy what should be …

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Beginning To Blog

A blog is basically an online journal where you can digitally put your thoughts, ideas, opinions and practically anything that you want people to read.  Blogs come in different styles, formats, and settings, depending on the preference of the user.  Many blogging sites, offer built in features such as hyperlink, straight texts, pictures etc.  Some …

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