Problems, Problems, Problems!

It’s always a really big deal for me when something just doesn’t work right!  I am seriously so non techy that problems cause me to fall at the first hurdle every time!  I would rather not, I feel I am a problem solver, but techy things just go straight over my head.

So my latest problem is my theme stopped working.  It meant I couldn’t add any pictures or media to my posts, which caused me a big problem.  I emailed the support guys and they got back to me quite quickly telling me to uninstall the theme and reinstall.  Sadly I lost my login details so that was not really an option for me.

So I have gone back to my tried and tested theme, which does not work in the same way BUT IT DOES WORK!

So, problem solved!  I start the New Year back online and ready to write on my blog again!

Happy New Year, everyone.  I hope 2019 brings you everything you wish for, but more than that I hope it brings you health, wealth and happiness.

Enjoy the journey!

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