Just A Theory…

One of the things I may not have mentioned yet on my blog is that I am a big Star Trek fan.  I can totally absorb myself in the ‘alien’ theory.  There is so much we do not know about what else is out there.

I spent an enjoyable afternoon recently theorising with a friend about aliens and he recounted the story of a programme he had seen on a digital channel (sadly I don’t get digital anything as I live in such a remote place!).  In the programme some Candian air force pilots had been interviewed about something they had seen and they felt it absolutely proved the existence of aliens.  They were sworn to secrecy while they were in the air force and it is only recently that they have been able to talk about their experience.

My friend and I came to the conclusion, (after much discussion and debate and lots of coffee and biscuits), that we, the human race, may well be an alien experiment, and that these random sightings of alien craft are the aliens returning to check on our progress and see how their experiment is faring.

As the title says, it’s just a theory.

Enjoy the journey.

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