Is Anybody Out There?

Something I do in my spare time is I run the local Spiritualists Group.  Most people do not realise that Spiritualism is on the Governments list of recognised religions.  We don’t play with ouija boards or hold seances in dark rooms, although there are groups who do those things too.  We are a church group who meet regularly, we pray, we sing hymns, we have a reading and an address, all very much the same as any other church you may walk into.  We have a crucifx on our altar, we have flowers and candles, we believe in God and Jesus.  So what is different about our religion?  Well, we also believe that there are greater forces working for our good, that once we leave our bodies here on earth we ascend to a higher plain and that we who are still here are able to communicate with the people who have passed on before us.  During our meetings we always have a spiritualist medium in attendance who is able to pass on messages to those present.  Sometimes these messages are from people who are known to the receiver, sometimes not, but the messages are always relevant and are uncannily accurate.  Even non believers who come to ‘test’ the mediums ability are left astounded by the knowledge the medium has of their personal circumstances.  They go away with a completely different attitude to us and what we do.  Of course there are charlatans out there, people who are good at picking up on a persons mood or body language and through a series of clever questions can pretend to be getting very clear messages.  If you go to a spiritualist church or meeting you will be able to judge for yourself how authentic the mediums are, but please don’t judge before you’ve been and had a look.  You may not want to go, and that is fine, but we should never make a judgement about something we have not tried as our views are based on prejudice and bias, not personal experience, and that is very unfair.

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