I’m Passionate About The PAC Blogging Carnival!

Blogging has become big business on the Internet in a very short time.  One of the things I have become very passionate about is helping people to blog effectively, hence my blog caption ‘Learn To Blog With Mandy Allen’.  In my efforts help others I have created a Blogging Carnival for a group I am part of, The Power Affiliate Club, or PAC for short.  I have created the Carnival for the members of PAC to participate in so that we can all have a focus for the month of July and it will increase our traffic and commenting.  Each member is writing a post every Friday for the Carnival.  If you would like to join the Blogging Carnival or just join PAC click this link to read more about it.

A blogging carnival is a collection of Internet bloggers willing to share their experiences to help others succeed, which is a valuable resource for newcomers to the blogging theatre.  PAC’s “Journey To Success” carnival will introduce new bloggers to a wealth of tips that work, and new contacts willing to share their knowledge.  The writers will share with you their successes, and failures, in their quest to earn a living through Internet Marketing.  Each participant in the Carnival will write one post every Friday in July, so that’s 5 posts.

The writers are all members of PAC and the topic for this first week in the Journey To Success Blog Carnival is ‘Passionate, Focused Thinking – Write About Something You Are Passionate About’.

I am passionate about blogging.  I have had this blog since 2009, although it has changed a bit since I first started it!  This is where focus comes in.  Jeff Goins wrote a useful post about focus and has a great little exercise in the post that you can do if you feel you need more focus or have lost your focus.  You can take a look at his post by clicking this link here.  Mary Sloane has also written a splendid post about how we need to focus for success.  You can read Mary’s post by clicking here.

I was very focused and blogged regularly, had a whole host of readers and commenters and even wrote a short report about why I felt my blog was so successful, based on my experience compared with 140 others blogs of the time.  Just a few short years later I realised that I wanted to help others to be more successful with their blogs, and so my whole ethos changed and I was focused on my new direction.  Now I find I can help others through The Power Affiliate Club, and hence this Blogging Carnival was started.

Visit the other Carnival participants and see who is waiting to help you by clicking the banner below:

PAC Blogging Carnival


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  1. This is a wonderful concept Mandy and I look forward to following along and reading insightful posts by everyone involved!
    Marquita Herald recently posted..Reflections on the Kaleidoscope of LifeMy Profile

    1. Hi Marquita, thanks for visiting. Blog Carnivals were very popular a few years ago, Marquita, but they seem to have fallen by the wayside in recent years. I love the concept though.

      Enjoy the journey!

  2. Hi Mandy, good to see a fellow Brit blogger in action, we’re a rare breed :). As a blogger with blogs in multiple niches I know it takes more than passion for your craft to keep you motivated. What tips do you suggest for when the passion wanes?
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..Want to Write Passionately For Your Blog? Try This!My Profile

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting. I do believe you are right, it takes a lot of hard effort too. I don’t know what anyone would do realistically if they lost their passion for it. I am certainly a person who only does things while I am enjoying them, being rather a hedonist! But if you lost the passion and still wanted to continue, maybe to see if it returns a while later, you could always have a plan of posting topics. You have to want to write, of course, otherwise you wouldn’t do it, but a good plan of topics would cut out the need for aimlessly sitting at the computer not knowing what to write about. And a great way to write without having to write too much is to get a few articles or posts from others about your topic and basically summarise them and weight them against each other. You absolutely have to quote everyone, not plagiarise, but it is a scholarly technique that works well. Funnily enough I have a blog post half written on using this very technique. I must get it out and finish it!

      Enjoy the journey!

  3. Hello, Mandy.

    This is my first time to your blog and the PAC Blog Carnival is working, I found you! Networking and reading about others success in blogging can help any blogger, whether a newbie or seasoned.

    Thank you for sharing this idea with PAC. Not only will each boost each participant’s blog comments and visits, but they will learn and experience new things along the way. I look forward to getting to know you better and to read all of your posts as a new fan! 🙂

    Warm regards,

    Deborah A. Ten Brink recently posted..Your Business Focus Is About More Than Just Identifying Your PassionMy Profile

    1. Hi Deborah, thanks for visiting. So glad the Carnival is working!! I know we’re all going to enjoy it and hope it gets more viewers your way too. I love reading other people’s interpretations and have enjoyed the posts from week one that everyone submitted. I look forward to the coming weeks!

      Enjoy the journey!

  4. Hi Mandy, I remember when blog carnivals were really popular and I joined in quite a few when I started blogging. I think the problem then was that they mostly weren’t focused and posts were often little more than lists of links.

    The PAC carnival is different. We are a group that share the same goals and are committed to helping others achieve theirs. The topics we write about this month share that common goal too.
    Sue Bride recently posted..Multitasking, Attentional Blink and ADTMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for visiting. Gosh, you’ve been around as long as I have at least! I too remember them being all the rage a few years ago. And yes, the posts entered got so spammy with just reams of affiliate links in them. Often they had no text at all, just links! The PAC Carnival is indeed very different. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to write without having to dream up a topic, just give everyone the same outline and see what happened. Week one posts have been very good and I look forward to the coming few weeks entries!

      Enjoy the journey!

  5. Wow Mandy you are a great blogger for sure. This is all new to me, blogging carnivals and all. But it is great being on a learning curve for sure.
    Paula recently posted..What Is My Passion?My Profile

    1. Hi Paula, thanks for visiting, and thanks for that kind comment! I just love challenges. Apart from anything I love to stretch myself so often participate in challenges, so I thought why not create one myself! Hope everyone is going to enjoy it whether they are writing for it or just reading!

      Enjoy the journey!

  6. Hi Mandy

    Thanks for the introducing us to the Blogging Carnival. One thing for sure is that it helps bloggers to be focused and creative and I am sure going to love this experience.

    Thansk for sharing. Take Care
    ikechi recently posted..Why Focused Passion Makes The DifferenceMy Profile

    1. Hi Ikechi, thanks for visiting. I put ‘2016’ on the end og PAC Blogging Carnival because I hope it will be something we do from time to time, they’re such fun to be part of. I hope you enjoy the experience!

      Enjoy the journey!

  7. Hi Mandy,

    Great idea that I didn’t fully understand when I read Lesly’s announcement of ‘The Blogging Carnival’.

    Didn’t think I’d have anything to contribute because of my blog’s theme, so didn’t investigate further. Not so sure now – after reading your description.

    For one thing, lately I’ve been questioning my lack of focus, and passion. Maybe there’s a blog post there?

    Anyway, thanks,
    Edward Thorpe recently posted..New Test Predicts Your Chances Of Having A Heart AttackMy Profile

    1. Hi Edward, it’s not too late to get involved you know. You would be welcome in the group. I tried to gather weekly topics that would cater for any niche that people write in, they’re broad so will fit for you I’m sure. And yes, that would be a perfect post for the first week!

      Enjoy the journey!

  8. Hey Mandy,
    So glad you presented this idea of a Blogging Carnival. I remember these but never really participated in them, some of the blogs back then were really ugly and hard to read. So I am really liking this and love the people who were attracted to join in. The quality of the posts are super and it gets everyone writing, sharing, increasing traffic and so much more. Thank you so much! And we can offer this again! And appreciate you coordinating it 🙂
    Lesly T. Federici recently posted..Is Your Passion Already Within?My Profile

    1. Hi Lesly, thanks for visiting. I agree, the posts are really great. I used to love carnivals but as Sue said they got very spammy and became just a post full of links. They seem to have gone off the boil, but I still think they’re a brilliant idea and am so glad so many people joined in. I can’t wait to read the next few weeks posts. I deliberately named the round up page PAC Blogging Carnival 2016 so we can run it again!

      Enjoy the journey!

  9. Hi Mandy ,
    I never heard of blogging carnival and looking
    forward to seeing how it works. I am sure it will help many
    blog starters to read about the experiences of the skillful
    bloggers. May it be a better way than you described from the
    past ,the PAC way will be better I am sure 🙂
    Thank you
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted..Successful Dreams – Do What You LoveMy Profile

    1. Hi Erika, thanks for visiting. They were all the rage a few years back but seem to have dropped off now. As Sue said, they got very spammy with posts just full of links and nothing worth reading. I know the PAC Carnival will be great!

      Enjoy the journey!

  10. I totally get about keeping focus and passion – I’m still trying to figure out what my focus is so I have just been blogging about setting up my blog and getting it all going. At the moment I’m still blogging into the ether but that will change I’m sure. I’m looking forward to the day when it all comes together and it’s easy to sit down and write a post.

    Mandy thank you for all of your help on the P2S FB page – you are for sure helping people with their blogs!

    Susan Rosin recently posted..Staying on the subjectMy Profile

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for visiting. Focus is important but not as important as keeping up the writing in the beginning. Sometimes we just need to write for a while to realise what our focus is. It will come, for sure, don’t worry. If you need anything at all, please just shout.

      Enjoy the journey!

  11. Hi Mandy,
    The best thing about the blog carnival is how the post topic set for the week makes me think about what I really want to say. that could be the biggest challenge, but so far all good 😀
    Barrie Evans recently posted..Having Laser Focus Drives Your Passion.My Profile

    1. Hey, Barrie, thanks for visiting. Glad the challenge is getting you thinking! I had originally had this whole package set up as 12 posts but we decided that would drag on too long, so I condensed them into just the 5, so it fitted into the 5 Fridays in July very nicely too! I hope you have fun writing the next 4 weeks’ posts.

      Enjoy the journey!

  12. Hi Mandy, This blogging carnival is such an Awesome idea HUH? I just wish I had more time to participate.. Oh well perhaps Lesly will do this again.. Looks to be a HUGE SUCCESS!
    Great Share
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..4 Tips To Help Develop Better Work Habits For Online SuccessMy Profile

  13. Hi Mandy,
    Blogging Carnival sounds amazing.
    It’s always good to be a part of a community with such an outstanding members 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Emi, thanks for visiting. Yes, PAC is a great group to be part of, isn’t it. The Blogging Carnival is going really well and the participants have worked so hard to fulfil the tasks set. I’m glad to be part of PAC.

      Enjoy the journey!

  14. Oops, this would have probably been great to participate in had I known about it. Actually, I did hear it mentioned; however, since I did not understand how it would work I had planned to look out for a more detailed explanation. I love challenges.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..Create a Marketing PlanMy Profile

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting. Sorry you didn’t manage to see the video we posted about the challenge. I didn’t see you register interest on the thread as I messaged everyone with a direct link who had commented about it. So sorry we missed you! It has been fun and we will be holding another at some point in the future.

      Enjoy the journey!

  15. hi Mandy

    Thanks for introducing us to the Blogging Carnival

    A wonderful post!
    Sonal Talwar recently posted..Playing Pokemon Go has Health BenefitsMy Profile

    1. Hi Sonal, thanks for visiting. The blogging carnival is a great success and there is already another being planned!

      Enjoy the journey!

  16. Hello Mandy

    Many thanks for that presenting all of us towards the Running a blog Carnival. Something without a doubt is actually it assists writers to become concentrated as well as innovative as well as I am certain likely to adore this particular encounter.

    Thanks with regard to discussing.

    1. Thanks for visiting. Running challenges is a great way to increase your own traffic.

      Enjoy the journey!
      mandyallen.com recently posted..Want More Blog Visitors? Run Your Own Challenge!My Profile

  17. You are most welcome Mandy,
    Thanks a lot write your amazing post for us.

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