I’m Carrying Out A Survey!

I have to admit, I’ve never run a survey or a poll before so this is very new to me.

When I went to my first ever business network meeting recently I discussed a new business idea I have and was overwhelmed with the positive response I got to it.

We were all encouraged to put down some goals for the month and so it’s time to get my act together and do the tasks needed to achieve the goal.

I have decided one of the best ways to achieve my first task is to run a survey in the hope that it reaches the right people and I get some responses that are interesting and I can use.

So if you would like to take the survey the link is below.  The survey is just 5 short questions, one being multiple choice, and it is centered around Christmas Traditions, so I’m hoping to attract answers from lots of different countries!

Please pop along here and give me your own experiences!  Please give me as much detail as you possibly can, the success of the survey is in the detail given!

CLICK THIS LINK to get to the survey and fill in your answers!



  • Donna Merrill

    Reply Reply February 28, 2018

    Hi Mandy,

    I filled out the questions the best I could. It made me think of how traditional I am and will always be. Sorrowful that most people don’t do it up like me.


  • I like the idea of a survey, I hear they are helpful for your business. I may look into them.

  • Monna Ellithorpe

    Reply Reply March 1, 2018

    Hi Mandy,

    I also filled out your survey. It brought back some good memories. At my age you would think I would be used to the changes but I do long for those Christmas times when I was a child.

    Memories will have to keep me.

    Thank you.

  • Elise Ho

    Reply Reply March 3, 2018

    I filled out the survey. I am in the same country as I was born and the traditions are the same.

  • Praveen U

    Reply Reply May 19, 2018

    Hi Mandy survey is really essential in today’s marketing. So liked this post as new approach.

  • Umer Idrisi

    Reply Reply May 21, 2018

    Going to fill it for you.


  • Mathew Adams

    Reply Reply June 5, 2018

    I did finish the survey. I could notice some changes in common Christmas customs and traditions but the root does not change. Thanks for your survey.

  • Noobie Tech

    Reply Reply June 11, 2018

    I also filled out the survey. This survey is short and simple.
    Some of the traditions I mentioned in the survey are not totally followed by everyone

  • Sakshi Saroj

    Reply Reply August 13, 2018

    I filled out the survey and gave the best possible answers.Surveys are great for knowing what your customers are into.

  • Bobby

    Reply Reply August 17, 2018

    Hi Mandy,thanks for sharing this information, i have filled out the survey, let me know about other interesting stuffs by you .. keep up the great job.

  • Marc Deschamps

    Reply Reply August 17, 2018

    Surveys are great to beef up engagement and they can be fun too! Traditions are important and should not be let go or forgotten. Thanks!

  • Max

    Reply Reply September 1, 2018

    May I ask if this website is still active? For the last post was in February.

    • mandyallen.com

      Reply Reply September 12, 2018

      It is, Max, I have had to have a break as my mum broke her leg! Back to it now though!

      Enjoy the journey!
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