I Is For Inspiration

‘Inspiration comes to us quietly and slowly; prime it with a little solitude’.  Brenda Ueland.

When do you get your inspiration?  Is it in those moments of quiet solitude, or are you inspired in other ways?  Do you act on your inspiration or do you just dream and never take action?

Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can fly.  You are the creator of your own destiny.

The literal meaning of the word ‘inspiration’ is ‘breathed upon’.  Wherever your inspiration comes from grab it, hold onto it, let it breathe upon you and fill your sails.  Know that it is a gift to be treasured and let it motivate you and move you forwards.

Enjoy the journey!


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  1. Hi Mandy,

    That is lovely. Inspiration – breathed upon. I like to think of that as my higher powers ” breathed upon”. So many times in life you find a strange coincidence or something odd.
    Kathryn Maclean recently posted..How to Use An Editorial CalendarMy Profile

    1. Hi Kathryn, thanks for visiting. Yes, it is like a breathe across your path and it can move you and turn you in a different direction.

      Enjoy the journey!

  2. Hi Mandy,
    It’s so nice to be here,yes I always love to get inspired from wherever I can get.It’s really work great for me.Thanks for this wonderful share.
    Debarpan Mukherjee recently posted..Step by Step Guide to Make Money BloggingMy Profile

    1. Hi Debarpan, thanks for visiting. I’m glad you are inspired. I am inspired by so many great things in this world, and so many other people! Glad you enjoyed the post.

      Enjoy the journey!

  3. Hi Mandy

    You know I do get my inspiration when in Solitude and I take notes in that state. I believe in acting on them. There is no point in dreaming and never taking action.

    Thanks for sharing your insight. Take Care

    1. Hi Ikechi, thanks for visiting. I love solitude and often have my best thoughts and inspirations then. I also take notes at the time as you can be sure I’ll forget all my good ideas by the time I get home!!

      Enjoy the journey!

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