How To Use Influencer Marketing To Build Your Business Part 2

In this post we continue from Part 1 of How To Use Influencer Marketing, which you can read here.

So, who is an Influencer?

Influencers can come in different forms. They can be journalists, Professors, Industry analyst, Celebrities (Artist/Artiste), Professional advisors, Motivational beings or Brand advocates. Often, they are people who have a great grasp of their various industries. People know, like and trust whatever they say or share with them. They have risen far and above everyone else in their industry and hence, people love, appreciate, and buy their ideologies, products and services.

Influencers such as Emeka Nobis, Tony Robbins, Ramit Sethi, Ryan Biddulph, and Lesly Federici are folks who have enormous audiences.  Building connections with them and getting them to share your message can make you stand out from the crowded Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and other advertising platforms, and help you get massive value and grow your brand.

Why you should turn to Influencer Marketing

Based on my findings, I discovered that there are about 685,000 searches and results on “Influencer Marketing” on Google and this happens in the space of 0.48 seconds. I don’t know the science behind this result but I do know that a lot of people are searching for that term. And you know what, that tells me simply that influencer marketing is important and that it is okay to deploy it into my marketing strategies.

Below are some of the reasons you and your business should turn to Influencer Marketing

  • It’s more Authentic: When you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, people don’t know you and it is usually very difficult to get them to opt-in on your offers. This is where leveraging on the influence of authority people in your niche comes in. If you dream of publishing a book and making it a bestseller, you will want to hire a Michael Hyatt or a Ramit Sethi to write a review about the said book to publish on their blogs. That way, it would get maximum attention and sales.
  • It’s cost effective: Well, it depends. But if you know how to really connect and build solid and likable relationships with authorities in your niche, you can be sure to get them to talk about you and your business for a small amount of dollars. And if they like you well enough, some might even decide to promote you FREE of charge.
  • It helps your brand image: You are your brand and when people constantly see and read about you from other people, especially top guys they love and respect, they automatically gravitate towards liking you and hence, do business with you. It is that simple.

How can I build relationships with Influencers?

Building relationships with influencers in your niche is relatively simple but requires a lot of work and time. If you have the time and you are willing to give it all takes to research and read blogs and comment on them, you will be on your way to growing your brand and getting repeat customers.

However, aside from blogs, there are other channels, social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn which are capable of helping you to connect and build relationships with highly influential people.

Platforms to connect and build good relationships with influencers are (but not limited to):

• Weblogs
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Googleplus
• Mention
• Pinterest
• Klinkk
• Kingged
• Instagram
• Baddo
• Meetup, and their likes.

When I started out fully as an online entrepreneur, I immediately connected Harleena Singh, Sue Neal (She no longer blogs) and Adrienne Smith (She also shut down her blog some months ago) via their blogs. I had previous learned the importance of building relationships via the many eBooks I consumed about “How to Become a Successful Blogger” and so had visited and contacted these beautiful folks. Their support and advice have been what has kept me going all these years (4yrs).

Basically, I would search, visit, read and comment on the blogs of both influencers, the average and the newbie bloggers in my niche. I didn’t know how I was building the blocks that would erect and make my business hugely successful.

Consistently showing up and actively engaging with bloggers via blog commenting helped me to build my own know, like and trust factor and that made all the difference.

As I said earlier, it’s very easy to connect and build relationships, you just need to map out what you want to achieve with the relationships you are trying to build and let it motive, be right and accurate.

Where and How to Deploy “Influencer Marketing” into your business

There are various ways in which you can deploy influencer marketing as a strategy into your business.

Here are some of them:

• Inbound Link: When an influencer mentions you or your brand on their platform, it spurs their audience to run to your blog, consume what you share and buy your ideologies and offers.
• Content visibility: Your words and brand easily spreads like wildfire to places you’ve never been and calls and contracts begin to roll in.
• Audience Building: Growing your blog’s traffic and loyal audience becomes easy as you are exposed to an even larger audience.
• Content Collaboration: You get to create products for market consumption with authority figures and then share the profits together.
• Publishing Opportunities: You get the opportunity to guest post for highly influential people on the merit that they know, like and trust you to deliver a powerful learning experience for their audience.

Conclusion on “Influencer Marketing”

Now, what I have shared here with you is exactly how I leverage and use influential marketing to build my own successful online business. Every day, I get out there with the intention of meeting new people, starting a conversation with them, getting them comfortable and familiar with me, making them like me and finally keep them assured that they can trust me to tackle their projects or something like it. Doing this religiously has afforded me the opportunity to build my own influential status.

So if you are serious about this subject, I would implore you to do exactly what I have shared here and I can bet that you will come back and leave me a “Thank You” message.

If there’s anything you feel I missed out, please do share your thoughts using the comment box and I will be back to respond to them. Yes, you are free to ask questions and share this post with your friends. Thank you!


About Author: Sam Adeyinka is a freelance writer, digital marketing strategist and social media enthusiast who loves to help young adults with strategies of starting, launching and growing their own online business. He writes a business blog at Income Splash.


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  1. This is super interesting, from the other side, as I’m an influencer and I work with a lot of brands on my blog and over on Instagram … great to have this insight and perspective!

    Jaime recently posted..Breakfast at Sketch, MayfairMy Profile

  2. Very informative Mandy. It’s easy to see there are many benefits to influencer marketing. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to participate in some wonderful projects as a result of networking in my field. In fact, I recently participated in my first ever JV event. I’ve always shied away from things like that because they seem so spammy but this one was professionally done and highly targeted within the personal development niche and the results were far better than I could have ever hoped for. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!
    Marquita Herald recently posted..Who Do You Want to Be?My Profile

  3. Hello Mandy! I truly enjoyed part 2 of Sam’s how to use influencer marketing and have taken some great notes from this and will be implementing them here soon.

    I also believe visiting and comment on an influencer blog, could help to build your influential status.

    Awesome share..
    Thank YOU
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Are You Willing To Adapt?My Profile

  4. Well said. I think Instagram and Twitter are probably the best platforms to make connections
    Candace recently posted..CUPCAKE POLISH – Mod About You Collection 2017My Profile

  5. This article has some great advice and tips or influencers! I will have to use some of these when I move farther along with my blog! Thanks for sharing!

    Lisa recently posted..Pretty Everly RingsMy Profile

  6. I never thought about this as even being possible. How great would it be to accomplish this! I like how you broke it down for us , thank you ?

  7. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to participate in some wonderful projects as a result of networking in my field. In fact, I recently participated in my first ever JV event. I’ve always shied away from things like that because they seem so spammy but this one was professionally done and highly targeted within the personal development niche and the results were far better than I could have ever hoped for. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!

  8. Hi Mandy

    I enjoyed reading the second part as well. Thanks for these wonderful tips!
    Sonal Talwar recently posted..Keep sore muscles at bay during rainy seasonMy Profile

  9. Hi Mandy,

    I loved part 2 of Sam’s post. This is the correct way to use Influencer Marketing. So many people go about it the wrong way and then just give up.

    When it comes down to it, relationships are key! Starting one by showing up all the time and commenting and sharing on social media will eventually work. It will take a little time, but it is sure worth it!


  10. Hi Sam & Mandy,

    Enjoyed your influencer marketing wrap-up. Your relationship building strategy does work and it does take time to get your foot under the table.

    I like approaching an ‘influencer’ with something I’ve done specifically that will help them with something they’re presently involved in. (or a future project) .

    For example, before the Internet became popular, and print media ruled – I once edited and formatted a classy pamphlet out of a famous business leader’s longish instructional essay that had been published in a popular trade magazine.

    I mailed him a finished copy and included the original file so his printer could replicate it without further editing work.

    Did it work? Like gangbusters. He was on the phone making me jv offers shortly after receiving my gift.

    Good job Sam!
    Edward Thorpe recently posted..5 Cheap Natural Alternatives To Expensive MedicinesMy Profile

  11. Very informative and with lots of tips! I have just started out and am trying hard to build relationships, but I know this will take alot of time. Thank you for breaking this enormous task up into bite size chunks of easily digestible information.

  12. Hi Sam And Mandy
    Very interesting and informative piece.
    Getting in touch with an Influencer and making a relationship with them is not an easy task, it really needs a lot of patience and in fact, it is a time-consuming thing.
    I used the strategy of visiting their pages and drop value added constructive comments, this strategy worked well with me and I could get a lot of them and that made me publish my first Roundup post with those experts in the field. It is not a quick job, as I said it needs a lot of patience.
    Thanks, Sam sharing these tips.
    Keep sharing
    Have a great time of sharing ahead.
    Philip V Ariel recently posted..How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Without Writing New PostsMy Profile

  13. Hi Sam & Mandy,

    Very valuable post, thanks.

    I remember Adrienne’s blog too. She was sort of a turning point for me, because I was so (pleasantly) surprised that she was so kind to me when my blog was just a few short posts.

    And through Adrienne I met Donna, Ryan, Lesly and so many other lovely people.

    We are very blessed with our influencers.

    Joy, Blogging after Dark

  14. Part 2 of Influencer marketing
    Great second post-Sam! Hi Mandy

    Of the platforms to connect
    I did not know Kinkk or Kingged.
    I also reached out to an influencer Adrienne Smith, she called me one time. I like Harleenas Singh, so kind.

    I liked your list of deploying influencer marketing strategy tips.

    Great post.
    Kathryn Maclean recently posted..5 Brand Design Graphics You NeedMy Profile

  15. Like other bloggers (or influencers) have said, this is great for the influencer to know because it gives us the opportunity to market ourselves better to the business. I will have to bookmark this for later so I can refer back to it every now and then.
    Michele recently posted..Poetry to Help Sooth the Soul (Original Poem called: The Box)My Profile

  16. Hi Mandy,

    Nice Informative Post!

    Especially when it comes to business, where it is arguably changing the game each day. In the past, companies could use their influence to convert potential consumers through paid ads or some other marketing strategy. Social networks have changed all of that, which is best evident by the recent emergence of influencer marketing.

    People no longer turn to companies to inform them about what they want or need. They look to other people, people whose influence and expertise regarding a certain industry is valued among the users.

    Take for example, YouTube vloggers. They have millions of followers, their videos have hundreds of millions of views, and companies are lining up to collaborate with them. And it’s not just YouTube. It’s pretty much the same story when it comes to Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

    I will tweet your post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  17. love those wonderful tips! thanks for that second part:)

  18. I “MeetUp” with people on several of the platforms mentioned but certainly not all. It does look as if I will need to do some exploring.
    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted..What To Do When You Lack Motivation?My Profile

  19. Great post and thank you Sam and Mandy for the shout out! I don’t consider myself as an “Influencer” and humbled by the mention – thank you. There are many people who are and can be influencers based on their blog content, content that helps others, enriches lives, useful and helpful. Anyone can be placed in this category if they keep the reader #1.
    Lesly recently posted..How to Go From “I Don’t Know What to Write” to MasteryMy Profile

  20. Hi Sam and Mandy

    Influencer marketing can help a business to reach great heights. I love your thoughts on this issue. Thanks for sharing. Take care

  21. these are some really nice tips to follow! Especially for someone like me who is an amateur in the field!
    Sahana recently posted..11 Women Who Were Complete Daredevils During PregnancyMy Profile

  22. This is great as I’m also trying to expand my target audience. I particularly feel comfortable with getting my message out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but I appreciate you opening my eyes to the others 🙂
    Zoë recently posted..Crumby Veganism is Healthy…My Profile

  23. A very interesting and well-put article. I was not aware of the many platforms to connect with different influencers. Thank you for this post!

  24. Hi Sam and Mandy, influencer marketing really comes down to relationships. They are key in marketing today, almost like the old word of mouth formula since the cave man days!
    It really helps to hear reviews from those you know and trust. You may not trust all the people you know at first but after you get to know them you can begin to trust them. It’s earned.
    That’s why engagmenet is so crucial on social media today for those doing marketing.
    Thanks for the tips!

  25. This is really interesting and informative. 🙂 need to read it twice !
    sonali jain recently posted..Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon – ReviewMy Profile

  26. I’ve never heard of some of these but look forward to trying them! I understand how important it is to reach out every single day and work at it. You have to build these relationships. Otherwise, it doesn’t work. Thank you for the helpful post!
    Gloria Harvley recently posted..The Truth About DepressionMy Profile

  27. Thanks for the tips! Building relationships is crucial to success.

    • Alexandria on July 18, 2017 at 5:44 pm
    • Reply

    This is great, thank you for sharing! I’ll have to save this post to look back at when I start influencer marketing!

  28. I’ve heard of the benefits of influencer marketing but never really understood it…This is really informative and now I’m excited to implement influencer marketing into my business! Thank you!

  29. Thank you for sharing! Influencer marketing is the future and such a power tool.

    Ashlee |

  30. This is really great. For my blog I rely heavily on influencer marketing and I find it to be super helpful key to succeeds!
    Lees recently posted..4 Must Have July Fashion Trends Brought to You by Modern MeshMy Profile

  31. Thank you for this! I am working on becoming an Influencer, so it’s nice to read more about the process from both perspectives!
    Ginger Smith recently posted..First Week of ATMy Profile

  32. The second part is just as good as the first one! Love your explanation
    Sahana recently posted..How to Manage Morning Sickness At Work?My Profile

  33. I’ve already commented on this above, but this post really provides great perspective on the influencer/brand relationship, especially for influencers like me!
    Jaime recently posted..Fiery Flavors in the Clouds: The New Menu at Hutong, ShardMy Profile

  34. One hundred percent agree with this post! I think, especially with bloggers, we have to use social media to primarily ENGAGE, and as result, promote our businesses as a secondary natural effect. Twitter and Instagram has been instrumental in being able to chat directly to readers and find out what they think too!
    Leigh recently posted..Five Cities That I Would Return ToMy Profile

  35. Hello Mandy,

    Very informative post up here 🙂

    I never imagined that there are this many benefits of influencer marketing.

    Blog commenting on top notch bloggers is always a game player thing to do. It highlight us upon the eyes of the bloggers
    and on the customers too.

    Thanks for the hare.


  36. Mandy, you have share quality and usable information.

    The ability to to get involved with that type of commitment. That is what most will not realize until they jump headfirst. Just a heads up. Approach with caution.

    We will get caught up and starting paying for products. Taking our main goal, away and start advertising for those who we seeked to ride their coat tail per say.

    Just left me in awe Mandy. You opened up a door we all would have never considered. Thank you so much.
    William Earl Amis, Jr III recently posted..Why Not You?My Profile

  37. Hi Mandy,

    Very informative post, I’ve been using some platforms like blogging communities and social network groups to connect with influencers.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Adithya Shetty recently posted..9 Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins 2017My Profile

  38. I have been brainstorming ideas about using influencer marketing after reading this. Since I’m a local business (bridal makeup artist and hair stylist) I’m think that I should probably be reaching out to local wedding planners and venues with big audiences. Thanks for your help sorting through all the confusion.

  39. I totally agree that there is a high demand for influencer marketing. It is really important to build relationship with different social networks and webmasters.

  40. Hi Sam,

    I was a little bit familiar with this term influencer marketing. Someone recommended me to use this strategy. But I didn’t get any proper definition or guideline.

    I want to put thanks to you that from your content now I am clear about the who is the influencer of my business. Definitely, I will apply this strategy.

    Thank you so much. Waiting for further content about influencer marketing.

  41. Influencer marketing seems like such a high form of flattery. I know I would definitely be flattered. Thanks for the in depth post! I’ll be checking back on this page when I consider influencer marketing.

  42. Hi Mandy,

    the article has lot of information on influencer marketing….i was really not aware of being an influencer marketing …It was really great to gain such unique and useful information through your blog..thanks for sharing them…!!


  43. I think that utilising social influencer marketing is a great idea for a company to broaden their brand exposure. Influencer think of different ways to present a product to their audience in an authentic way and because they have already established trust with their audience, its more likely that they will be interested in the product rather than advertisements from the business.

  44. Hi Mandy,

    the article has lot of information on influencer marketing….i was really not aware of being an influencer marketing …It was really great to gain such unique and useful information through your blog..thanks for sharing them…!!

    md sohan recently posted..Cross Fire (2017)| Bangla Movie Full HDRip 300 MB Download FreeMy Profile

  45. Hi Mandy, thank you for this post. I read something similar on recently and I’ve been getting much in terms of knowledge on this subject. When trying to engage in influencer marketing, do you think guest posting should be part of the strategy?
    Cadis Ababa recently posted..Best Outdoor Baby Swing 2017My Profile

  46. Hi Mandy,

    Great read on influencers as I am a newbie perse’ to the online business and would like to know how to become an influencer myself. You are right, just start connecting with people you want to mirror and become friends with them and comment on their blog works. Your name and site will start to grow. Thanks.

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