How Do You Get 100 Unique Visitors A Day To Your Blog?

The question of traffic and visitor numbers is always paramount in any Internet Marketers mind.  Essentially the better your traffic the more chance you have of selling something to those visitors.  Below are a few simple tips that can help you to build your daily visitors to that magic number of 100 a day!

  • Make sure your posts are optimized with popular keywords.

Be careful with this one because you don’t want to lose your blogging voice or make your pages read awkwardly by jamming in as many keywords as you can.  Do check for the most popular keywords using a tool like WordTracker.  Using the competition values in WordTracker allows you to pick keywords that haven’t soaked the web yet.

  • Use a service like PinGoat to ping blogger indexing sites every time you change your site.

Pinging is basically extending an invitation to indexing services like Technorati, IceRocket and Feedster to come to your site and index it.  The more indexing you get, the more exposure you get.  PinGoat is a terrific service that pings them all at the same time.

  • Update your Google Sitemap every few posts and resubmit it.

A Google Sitemap is an interesting and amazing phenomenon.  Here is how Google explains it:

‘The Google Sitemaps program is two-way communication between webmasters and Google.  You can give us information about your site so we can index it more effectively, and we can show you how we see your site and tell you about any trouble we’ve had crawling it.’

Basically you create a special xml file and tell Google to go look at it.  It uses the file to index the site more effectively.  There’s even a Plugin for WordPress that will build the perfect sitemap for Google.  You can read more about sitemaps by visiting the Google Sitemapspage.

  • Post relevant comments on blogs related to your content area.

Look around, find people blogging on similar topics to you.  Monitor their blog sites and participate in the discussion.  Be sure to include a link to your site in all of your comments.  It’s a great way to correspond with like-minded people and get your name and site name out there.

  • Search for link partners and link exchanges at least once a week.

If you find a site you like, include it on your link page and drop the site owner an email.  He or she will most likely list your site as well.  Join a couple of free or cheap link exchange sites and stick to your subject area when exchanging links.  Always visit the prospective link exchange site and ask yourself if you would be doing your readers a service by sending them to that site.  If not, don’t link to the site.

  • Write great content, and don’t plug stuff unless you are familiar with it and approve of it.

If you write interesting content about subjects that interest people they will always find you.  Don’t hustle your readers — if you are going to plug something for money, make sure the product or service is something you would use and recommend.  If people sense a hustle they will not convert and they will not come back.

  • Watch your keywords and make sure they are performing.

DigitalPoint has a terrific tool that will help you track your keyword placement over time so you can see how your efforts are doing.

  • Perform some basic Search Engine Optimization.

Learn how to not only optimize your posts, but optimize your entire site.

  • Buy some ad space.

Once you’re certain your blog looks and operates perfectly, spend $100 on Adsense ads and see how that helps.

  • Be patient.

It isn’t going to happen overnight.  It will take weeks or months to get things rolling.


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  1. Excellent tips. That is very nice for internet marketing.

  2. Firstly, the simplest way to get 100 unique visitors daily is to write a post daily and ensure to produce 10-15 inward links on high traffic blogs and forums. (2 hours for writing post and 2 hours for linking)

    Secondly, submit that post to top 10 article directories. (2 hours)

    Finally, submit that post to top 10 social news sites such as Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon. (2 hours)

    1. Linking – 50-60 visitors.
    2. Article Directories-10 visitors.
    3. Social News sites-25 visitors.

    Total unique visitors could be 85-100.

    1. Excellent guide, Vishy, thanks for that. And thanks for visiting.

      Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hi Mandy,

    I think most of these tips still worth it because SEO os still the best thing to get unique organic visitors, it’s just few more ways have come over the years like Facebook & Instagram Marketing.

    Anyways old one, but still worth reading, landed on it accidentally but loved it mandy.

    ~ Donna

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