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I have been very engrossed over the past few weeks with my ebay selling, my shops and taking the internet course to become an internet marketer.  However, I am very aware of the need to relax and take time for yourself, no matter how busy you are.  I have a number of ways that I relax but one of my favourites is playing an internet game called Runescape.  Some people see it as a kids game (let’s face it, we’re all big kids at heart, aren’t we!), but I play the game mostly with other adults and am in an adult clan.  We spend time online doing tasks in the game together and chatting over the airwaves.  The clan I am in have decided to have a ‘clan meet’ next month and I am looking forward to meeting my fellow Runescapers in real life.  I already know what many of them look like as we have a website dedicated to the clan and members are able to post photos on there.  It has been a great experience getting to know these people via the internet but a face to face meeting is even better.  Although I recognise the benefits now of learning online I have found the tools used by my tutor benefit me greatly as he videos everything he is doing.  It is almost like having him in the room with me!

Even though I love my gaming and the internet in general we must all remember to meet people in real life from time to time too!

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