Heat Up Your Blog And Make Some Money

Most blogs are set up online to make the owner some money.  As a fulltime blogger your primary goal is to create an income stream for your blog, or monetize it, in the web vernacular.  There are many ways to do this, so let’s look at some to get you started in the right way.

  • Decide what the focus of your blog will be and how you want to create an income from sales.
  • If you can provide services people will want or have products you can sell and deliver digitally, you will have a quick way to start building sales.
  • If not, you will just have to think outside the box and learn to be creative with techniques or tools.


  • Scan your selected niche, paying particular attention to competing blogs and forums focused on your niche.
  • Learn what products or solutions the members of niches related to yours want.
  • Read the comments and requests for information or help and start creating products to fill that expressed need.
  • Make your products original and full of new content.  Don’t just rehash PLR content or competitor’s blog posts.

Services that help other bloggers to set up their own blogs are always useful for newcomers to blogging.  You can help them with keyword selection and getting ready for Google’s  spiders and charge a reasonable fee.  If you are good at graphics, you can design headers and other marketing graphics to enhance their blog posts.

If you are good at writing articles and ebooks on a theme, you can provide content to your readers and forum members.  Not everyone can write good copy and many who would appreciate your help would also be willing to pay your for your services.  Your writing abilities could also extend to ebooks and  short reports that you can offer for sale on your own blog.

If you are willing to think a little outside the normal blogging box, you can check out the paid blogging networks you can join.  There are businesses on the Internet who will pay you money for blogging about their products or services.  Many bloggers think this option is worthless and a blot on their reputation, but they are not adding anything to your income stream.  What you need to do to add this income stream to your business is to join several good networks as a member, but check out their restrictions, requirements and payment options before you get involved.  As with anything, some are better than others.

Another caution is to check out their reputation before you get involved.  You need to know if they pay regularly and promptly as advertised, for one thing.  Scammers are everywhere and you need to protect yourself.  Check with others who do this for an income to get quality referrals for your business.

How this works is that you put up a blog on a subject, let’s say growing orchids, for example.  As a network member you would be expected to review a book about growing orchids or relate the positive experiences you’ve had with on the advertiser’s website.

Of course, you will need a blog with good page rank.  Advertisers anywhere want to advertise in good markets and online advertising is no different.  You will also need a good list of keywords that describe your blog and probably a description that is keyword rich to attract advertisers to your services.

To find these blogging networks, do a Google search on “paid blogging networks” and you will find all the leads you need.  Just be cautious and check everything out carefully before you jump in.


  1. Mandy,

    I think sometimes we get so involved with blogging that we forget the reason we are here in the first place and that is to make money.

    I also think that we have to be careful with just what kinds of things we put on our blogs for making money.

    I am working on a membership site right now and intend to market it on my blog. I also market several other products at the present time.

    You have some really good ideas of how to make money blogging. I like your ideas.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..Google PageRank – How To Rank!My Profile

    1. Hi Dee Ann, thanks for visiting. Yes, you are right, we are mostly all doing this to make some money, whether it’s a bit extra or a substitute for our day job. We are constantly giving excellent value, but it doesn’t always earn us anything.

      Enjoy the journey.


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