Have You Got The Blogging Bug?

Have you got the blogging bug?

When you first set up a blog it is such an exhilerating feeling that you may find you ‘get the blogging bug’. Not only will you want to add more and more posts to your existing website but you may also come up with stacks of new ideas for blogs you can create.

A quick search for suitable keywords can lead to a search for available domain names and before you know it you’ve created yet another blog to maintain.

Niche blogs are exciting to create, especially if it’s something you have a passion for. It is necessary to remember, however, that blogs need to be maintained, posts need to be added regularly and the content has to be of a significant quality to encourage your readers to return time after time. Don’t fall into the trap of using unchanged PLR on your niche blog just because you haven’t the time to write for yourself. Not only will it be a copy of something someone else has on their own site, but often it is poorly written with very little substantial information in it.

One way to tackle any writer’s block you may be having is to employ a ‘ghostwriter’ to fill in for you for a while.  Good quality ghostwriters are hard to find but you should be safe if you ask for a sample of their work in advance of ordering.  The ghostwriter I would recommend can be contacted at ghostwriter72x@gmail.com.

If you can get it right, a niche blog can be a lucrative addition to your blogging empire.


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  1. Hi there Mandy,

    Outsourcing is the way to go. There is a lot of work involved in Internet marketing. If you know it all and want to get it all done yourself fine.

    If you don’t know it all and want to learn it all and do it yourself fine. What ever the case the reality of the matter is outsourcing saves time. All you have to do is oversee.

    Also there are so many marketers out there that don’t know it all. Having someone take the burden off you learning it all is very productive. Bottom line, if you outsource you can go do whatever you want.

    There are many ways to find someone reliable. When it comes to outsourcing there are wrong ways and there are right ways.

    Having good friends such as yourself recommend people that have worked for you is very good in knowing you’ll be getting someone who will do the job correctly.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Terry Conti

    1. Hi Terry, thanks for visiting. I so agree with your statements, particularly the last one that it helps to have a friend who can recommend someone. There person I recommend is also the recommendation of some of the top names and I got the name from one of the top names in the first place! You get what you pay for.

      Enjoy the journey.


  2. I wouldn’t outsource writing posts on my blog Mandy even if you are doing niche blogs because without your personality behind each post I would think that they would be rather stale and boring. I’m sure those that have like 20 or more blogs up are not doing it themselves and obviously still having success but I just know that for myself I wouldn’t go that route.

    I do have the blogging bug though! 🙂

    Enjoy your day Mandy and interesting post.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Take Blog Commenting To The Next LevelMy Profile

    1. I totally agree with you, Adrienne. I have never used another writer for my blog posts, however I have used this particular ghostwriter for article marketing and press releases. I think they are really valuable members of your team if you find a good one, and it is up to you where you use them. I’m quite picky about what I will ask them to write for me.

      Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hey Mandy,

    I don’t outsource for my own blog, but I do get some outsourced articles for niche blogs designed to create money for me. I feel there is a difference. While I do allow guest posts on my blog, I want readers to know that it’s actually me providing them with advice and other information. I often find that outsourced articles come back with obvious English flaws.
    Brandon recently posted..Thu Jul 26 ’12 Announcement from Help me start a non-profit for the homelessMy Profile

    1. Hi Brandon, great to see you here, thanks for visiting. I absolutely agree with you, I never outsource my blog posts, they are completely me, but I have outsourced articles a few times. I have found a great ghostwriter with English as a first language (makes all the difference) and I never have to re-write anything I’m sent. She even read a number of my own articles before starting to write so she could write in my own style! Brilliant.

      Enjoy the journey.


  4. Mandy, I have 5 blogs, and I do all the writing for 4 of them, and I accept guest posts for the other one as well as write for it. I also write blog posts for others, and in that case those are business blogs where the people are trying to increase their online presence.

    Obviously I do have the blogging bug, and I also support those who hire people like me to blog for them because they recognize the benefits of having a blog.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Pinterest; My TakeMy Profile

    1. Excellent, Mitch! I too have got the blogging bug, but I did also fall into the trap of setting up too many niche blogs at the beginning. Everytime I thought I had a brilliant idea I started a new blog! I soon realised I couldn’t maintain so many and have now pared it back to just 4 plus guest posting for others.

      Enjoy the journey.


      1. I have found that niche blogs can get pretty good traffic but it’s still hard making money from blogging as compared to websites unless you have sponsors or can get advertising, and that only comes once your blog reaches a certain age and is getting certain amounts of traffic. Certainly not anything people will get rich from quickly. 🙂
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted..5 Ways To Tell Spam On Your BlogMy Profile

        1. I agree with you, Mitch. You have to have something else that will bring in the money. I have found Amazon products do well on blogs. I have a nifty little plugin for those on my niche blogs.

          Enjoy the journey.


    • Jeevan Jacob John on August 9, 2012 at 1:19 pm
    • Reply

    Hey Mandy,

    I know how time saving and efficient outsourcing can be, but I would never do that for my posts (mainly because it is my blog, and I want to provide value). In the case of a ghost writer, I can’t tell my readers I wrote it (I could tell them it is written by a guest author/ghost writer). But, still I don’t have any guarantee that the post is unique (again, I could check in tools like copyscape). But, I still feel that writing shouldn’t be outsourced.

    But, outsourcing can be very effective for logos, eBook covers and so on (I have tried Fiverr for that; only thing you need to do is the find the best designers).

    As far as new bloggers go, I think they should focus on building relationships with other bloggers through social media, guest posting and commenting before they start to be actively involved in their blog (of course, they should post, but not that often, instead focus more energy and time into relationship marketing).

    Anyways, thank you for the post, Mandy!

    1. Hi, Jeevan, thanks for visiting. I do agree, I never outsource blog posts. My blog is personal to me. I do use just the one writer from time to time if I need something quickly, like a report or an article, because it is someone whose work I can trust, I never have to edit or adjust and she understands completely what I want and over delivers every time. If I had not found such a brilliant ghostwriter I don’t think I would use one at all as most of the trials I made before using this person delivered very poor quality work.

      Enjoy the journey.


  5. What you say is certainly true. It is fun to set up a blog, but maintaining a blog can certainly be a bit of work. I have been thinking about establishing a second blog, but the first one keeps me so busy that I have avoided doing so. Nevertheless, blogging is a lot of fun!
    Kristen recently posted..Going Back To School: How To Manage StressMy Profile

    1. Hi Kristen, thanks for visiting. Yes, it does take work to maintain a blog, and the more we have the more work we have to do! Glad you enjoy blogging!

      Enjoy the journey.


  6. Hi Mandy,

    Good points, if you are new to blogging, I highly recommend you work hard to break through the writers blog, because it does get easier over time. Setting up niche blogs can be profitable but like you say you have to keep your blog fresh.

    To Your Success,
    Beth Hewitt recently posted..Top 5 Tips for Using Facebook for Your BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hi Beth, thanks for visiting. Exactly, it certainly does get easier over time. We have to persevere with one space and get it right before moving on to others. Otherwise you end up quickly running out of steam!

      Enjoy the journey.


  7. Hi Mandy

    Maintaining your blog with up to date posts is definitely important, especially when you have developed a relationship with your readers, they will continue coming back for more!

    I know some blogs are just created to generate traffic and SEO but the most enjoyable ones to read are written by REAL people who inject their personality and life experience.

    The blogging bug is definitely contagious!

    Janelle Wright recently posted..Your Comfort Zone Sucks!!My Profile

    1. Hi Janelle, thanks for visiting. Excellent points about building relationships, Janelle. I agree that I much prefer blogs that have some of the owner’s personality in them. A lot are just too sterile for my liking.

      Enjoy the journey.


  8. Hey Mandy, Nice post, what is your experience with using ghostwriters Ive never used one myself would be interested to know if the content is good and the procedure when using one.
    Jordan Rawlin recently posted..Are You Using Contrast And Compliance To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

    1. Hi Jordan, thanks for visiting. I only use one person as she is excellent, knows me and my requirements and writes so expertly that I never have to change a thing. I only use this person for articles and ebooks/reports, never for blog posts as my blog is my arena for reflecting my personality and passion. No-one else can reflect that for me. I had used a number of other ghostwriters before finding this gem, and they were rubbish to be honest, even thought they sent samples that were adequate. I believe they send you something great to get your business and as you pay up front for the writing there isn’t much you can do about it after they’ve cleared off. I believe most of them using article spinning software.

      Enjoy the journey.


  9. Hi Mandy

    You have made some really interesting points in your post. Personally I would not outsource writing on my blog as I believe that the personal approach is so important when building online relationships.

    My blog is primarily in a photography based niche and I do occasionally invite guest posts from to add a different opinion and flavor to the content.

    Part of the attraction to building a good online reputation is the contact with other bloggers, I have learned so much over the years from many people who have given their knowledge so freely.

    Yes it is easy to get the blogging bug 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge it is appreciated.

    – Phil
    Phil McDermott recently posted..Struggling to write blog posts?My Profile

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for visiting. I agree with you, my blog is personal to me and I never outsource post writing. I’ve never even had a guest writer on here. But I have used one ghostwriter for short reports, ebooks and articles in the past. If you have created an empire of blogs it is a great way to keep up with everything. I am very lucky because I found someone brilliant very early on.

      Enjoy the journey.


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