Greed, it will be your downfall!

It’s an appropriate time of the year to talk a bit about greed and how it can be your down fall.  We do seem to do everything to the extremely excessive limits at this time of the year.  There’s almost always too much food, too many gifts, too much drinking, too many parties and social gatherings to attend, and the result is often that we embrace all this excess and have just that bit too much of everything!  But on the positive side there are hugely caring and considerate acts in abundance at this time of the year too.  It seems that everything comes out in excess at Christmas time.

But the purpose of this post was not to write about eating too much, it is aimed at greed in the market place.  As many of you know offline I own an antiques centre in the small Georgian market town of Holt, Norfolk in the UK.  I rent the building we are trading from.  The town is very popular with visitors and many shops are run by independent traders who also rent their shops.  Sadly for us because the town is so popular the landlords hike the rents up, and thus the rates increase too, and I have been told this week that after Christmas 6 shops in the town will become vacant because they are unable to make a good enough income to sustain their business.  There are already a handful of shops empty in Holt and this will just add to the list.  Would you not have thought that the premises owners would negotiate a reasonable rent in order to keep their buildings occupied rather than have them empty and have no rental income from them?  It seems not.

Indeed in internet marketing we see the same things at times.  Some product creators seem to want to charge an awful lot for their products.  I have always been of the opinion that I would rather be stacking pound notes in the corner than over pricing and waiting forever for that one big sale!  That is not to say that marketers should undervalue their products.  Not at all.  There is a big difference between giving value and over pricing.  A marketing colleague of mine recently had an email from a customer who said that her front end offer seemed of greater value than the price and they were of the opinion that she could charge more for the product.  She replied that she would rather have happy customers that felt her product was of considerable value than a stack of refunds and complaints.  Always an admirable attitude, in my opinion.  She is an honourable seller with ethics and principles, someone I feel is trust worthy and honest.  If you want to take a look at her product click this link: VidStickersPro and if you buy you will see for yourself!

Enjoy the journey!


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  1. Hi Mandy. Being an American capitalist pig, I don’t believe in rent control. However, it seems reasonable that landlords negotiate with tenants in order to keep businesses in their buildings.

    I also agree on product prices for online marketers. I am so disgusted with the gurus. When they are running out of the money they charge for one big program (and now their lifestyle needs it), they create a new big fat program to try to lure in more buyers. I’m creating products now that will sell at reasonable prices. I’d rather help 1,000 people who are willing to spend $1 rather than help one person for a thousand dollars.

    I know that people say it’s just as easy to sell a $1,000 product as a $10 product. Well, in my experience that is a platitude that just isn’t true, plus there are a lot of expensive products out there that are nothing but smoke and mirrors. Thanks for this post.
    DeeDee Lynn recently posted..Prepping for Winter Road EmergenciesMy Profile

    1. Hi DeeDee, thanks for visiting. I totally agree with your philosophy but also know that sometimes low cost things don’t sell because people wonder about their worth. It is important to be able to help the buyer to understand that their is immense value in what you are offering at a lower cost than others. I also agree that it isn’t always as easy to sell a high ticket product. If I created a high ticket product, for example, I know for sure there would not be any buyers for it, but it would be of great value because I don’t believe in smoke and mirrors. I’m sure we’ve all purchased some of those products that really don’t teach you anything new at all, even thought the sales page extols all the virtues in sales pitch that persuades you it will!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  2. Hey Mandy
    I am hearing you on the rent issues. I am in a city called Wollongong and they keep opening Big new shopping centres where all the big name brand shops open up employ some people and close again because they cannot maintain the rent. 3 of our regional shopping centres got purchased by the same owner and even the banks packed up and left the centre because the rents were too high. What chance does the little guy have so now we have big empty shopping centres with no one in them. It really does confuse me.
    I had a giggle about your Big Guru comment. I am in a program that I did join many years ago and stopped promoting because the guy was not on my ethical spectrum and all he does is change the name of the frontend product. Has a big hype launch sucks all his affiliates and licence partners into spending more money creating new sites etc etc and then when the same customers get sucked into the system he wonders why they refund. Oh and get this he doesn’t give refunds unless they can show they have followed the system and buy traffic. Shonky much?
    So I think Christmas should be a time for giving. I brought my nieces and nephews a chicken for a family in Tanzania. I was expecting some sort of negative reaction but they were actually very excited about them. So I was happy to give the gift of giving
    Jenelle Livet recently posted..Distraction my Biggest DownfallMy Profile

    1. Hi Jenelle, thanks for visiting. Great idea on the Christmas gift! I have bought various things like that in the past, at one time there was a plant a tree campaign and something to do with water in Africa, so I like to use the opportunities offered and my family know me for it! Good to see you here!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  3. I love bargains, but I also like things of value. And sometimes it costs more for more value. Yet, you are so right as some charge way too much for not that much value. And the gurus who are already rich charge way toooooo much.
    Anyhow thanks for sharing
    paula recently posted..My Weekly Checks, Scam or Real?My Profile

    1. Hi Paula, thanks for visiting. Wasn’t it Burne-Jones who said that those things which are a cheap price really are of little value, that to get value you have to pay properly for things. I agree bargains are nice, but only if it is a bargain and not a waste of money because it seems like a bargain!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

    2. I’m now thinking it may have been John Ruskin who said it… recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  4. Hi Mandy

    I’m guilty as charged for cooking too much food on Christmas Day LOL I’ll never learn. I suppose it’s fear of the table becoming empty and being thought a mean hostess.

    Regarding rents – I know something of this as my Dad is a landlord and he deliberately keeps his rents low saying he’d rather have a regular income than an empty property where he’s liable to pay council tax.

    I struggled with high ticket products in 2016. Glad to return to my roots where I’m more comfortable (and actually earning more than I did with the high ticket LOL).

    Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Joy
    Joy Healey recently posted..Happy New Year 2017 From Joy HealeyMy Profile

    1. Hi Joy, that made me laugh out loud! I ate sooo much over Christmas! I do love the Christmas food.

      I read your post about your explorations with products during 2016. I too find the high ticket products almost impossible to follow and therefore make nowhere near my outlay back. It’s a real shame there isn’t a marketer out there who can hone in on hard working, committed marketers and tech them for a percentage of their earnings rather than an initial outlay. It would be risky though.

      Good for your Dad! Tell him from me that I appreciate great landlords! I have been very lucky in my life with landlords, but then I am a good tenant!

      Happy New Year to you, Joy!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  5. Sometimes I think we do similar things to our brains. We stuff it full of bright shiny objects and raise our rents (expectations) and wonder why we’re not completing anything.
    This year I’m going to FOCUS…..follow one course until successful…sorta…I still have three big things I’m working on but at least it’s down from twenty last January.
    Lara Fabans recently posted..Case Study – Local Specialty Bakery Closed After Less than A YearMy Profile

    1. Hi Lara, thanks for visiting. What a great analogy! I so agree with you there. Good for you for paring down and only keeping what’s beneficial to you! We should all learnt o do that!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  6. Hello Mandy! As a landlord myself I can totally understand your concerns here my friend! I for one would rather keep a good tenant in the home then to raise the rent and have it empty, It just makes sense to me.

    Crazy what Greed does to people Right?

    Great Share
    Happy New year
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Create A 6 Figure Business From Your Lap TopMy Profile

    1. Hi Chery, thanks for visiting. You are so right, greed is a dreadful thing. The shop below mine has just become vacant and apparently they will be asking for a rent raise of one third! That’s enormous! I can’t see how anyone can afford those kinds of rents, they public aren’t spending anywhere near enough in high street retail here to justify that.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  7. Hi Mandy,
    Visiting your blog after a long but and found this amazing post. It was attracted by the title of the post. being Greedy can somewhat be in the nature of the human being/
    Robin Khokhar recently posted..Domain Name Generator tools to find a Perfect Domain for your website?My Profile

    1. Hi Robin, thanks for visiting. I tend to agree with you that we are inherently greedy, not always in the same way though. Happy New Year to you!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  8. Mandy,

    You are so right about not being greedy. What about the attitude of providing value and being of service. For some people. as a landlord or internet marketer, their goal is to make as much money as they can and move on to the next tenant or project to get more money. There really are 2 diametrically opposed perspectives on business. I believe you can succeed greatly and also provide value and provide good customer support. Today I purchased a product, by mistake paying for it twice, and the support and refund was almost immediate. It is better to provide good customer support than to expand so much that you ignore requests or take a long time before you respond.


    Dr. Erica

    1. Hi Dr. Erica, thanks for visiting and for your valuable insight on this topic. I agree that it is far better to offer value than to make a quick buck and move on. Sadly not everyone seems to have those ethics either online or offline, but there are still some very honest peple out there who we can trust and do business with. Happy New Year to you!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  9. Hi Mandy,

    We have the same issue where I live, although it’s a bigger town. Lots of independants but not many big stores so people go to another town to shop.
    One thnig that does help the smaller shops is selling online though – when I had a mobile phone accessory shop most of the sales were online.
    Keith Purkiss recently posted..Is 2017 The Year You Will build Your Online Business?My Profile

    1. Hi Keith, thanks for visiting. Holt is a little Georgian market town with independent traders, very popular, but that seems to be why the landlords see it as making lots of revenue. It’s not the case.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  10. I’m a little late to the conversation but (for me) the timing couldn’t be better. I’ve done a lot of work creating a series of courses and then stalled when it came to pricing. I took a couple of workshops where the ‘experts’ harped at charging a big price tag, but then when I look at the couple of people I most admired who are doing what I aspire to do, they are charging a most reasonable fee for their courses, at a fraction of what the ‘gurus’ recommended.

    I finally set the whole thing aside long enough to give some serious thought to my w-h-y for doing this in the first place, and that was just what I needed to do. I’m not in this to have someone finance a car, I’ve never been one to collect stuff, I want to help people (especially women) push through self-limiting beliefs to live stronger lives. So for me, the answer is to find that sweet spot where I can make a comfortable living, but also help as many people as possible. It’s a balancing act well worth the effort.
    Marquita Herald recently posted..What It Really Means To Create A VisionMy Profile

    1. Hi Marquita, thanks for visiting. I hear you, it’s admirable that you want to most of all help others, and I completely agree that a lot of products are massively over priced. I do know that you can under price too though, you really do have to find that balance. If you put too low a price on something people see it as having little or no value.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  11. Hi Mandy,

    Wonderful topic. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and haven’t over indulged. Charging for your products is a tricky one. I see talented marketers really underselling themselves and others completely holding people to ransom. For many it stems from their lack of self confidence or over inflated egos!

    However, if you know your stuff and you treat your customers with kindness and respect. I never have a problem of paying for better quality products.

    Good discussion piece.

    Beth Hewit recently posted..I’m a Planning MonsterMy Profile

    1. Hi Beth, thanks for visiting. I always over indulge at Christmas, both with food and socialising. I am completely in love with the whole season and am not one of these people who has to take the tree down on Boxing Day! Luckily I don’t really drink so at least that stays at bay!

      I agree that charging for products is tricky. You want to give good value but don’t want to under sell yourself either. I really would love to get to the stage where I have something immensely valuable to offer and I give it on the condition that the customer pays me when they make the money I say they will! That would be so cool to be in that position.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  12. Hi Mandy,
    First Time Visiting your blog, This is amazing Blog, and Well Writing Thank’s For The Awesome post, Great Stuff, 🙂
    Muhammad Tabish recently posted..How to Build a Good Relationships with Pro Bloggers in Your Niche?My Profile

  13. Hi Mandy,
    You are so right about the holiday season being a time of too much. This year we pared right down… no big meals, no big presents… instead we took the money we would’ve overdone it with, and went to Ikea and bought things we need to organize and declutter. It was the nicest Christmas I’ve had in years!

    On the pricing thing I totally agree with you. I’d rather have small sales all day long than give up my ethics to charge super high prices. The only time I don’t do that is for service work because there you have to charge what you’re worth to get the clients you want to serve.
    Ruth Bowers recently posted..Not Using Video for Your Content? Here are a few stats that might change your mindMy Profile

    1. Hi Ruth, thanks for visiting. I think charging for a service is quite a different thing for sure. If you create a product and charge for it anyone can buy it at any time, but service works means you are doing a set amount of work for the person who is paying you to do it. I agree you have to charge properly for this, apart from the fact that you can only do it once. You can sell a product again and again without doing any more work on it.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  14. Hi Mandy, you have a great point.
    It has to be fair for both parties, you can’t undercharge your products and services because you are putting in hard work and the one thing that you never going to get back which is time, but at the same time you have to decide who is your target market and what they can afford if you really want to help them.
    emi recently posted..How To Come Up With Unique Content Idea For Your Blog?My Profile

    1. Hi Emi, thanks for visiting. You also are selling the one product multiple times so in theory you need to make less back each time you sell it.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  15. Greed should not be what drives us. Sharing genuinely and authentically is a much better way. In sharing in this way you will enrich people’s lives and the money will come.
    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted..Why I Do Not Make New Year ResolutionsMy Profile

  16. Mandy, I know it sounds cliche but I always try to create a win-win and sleep well at night.

    I used to be a landlord and you have to look at contracts and offers from all sides and then decide what is a fair deal. It definitely sounds like greed is the issue as you say, which is so sad. The visitors, landlords, and shop owners all lose. How can they think this is a good solution?

    I love the quote, “…would rather have happy customers that felt her product was of considerable value than a stack of refunds and complaints.” Here, common sense and integrity prevail!

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I know it’s frustrating but maybe some people that are having the “greed bug” bite them may see this and reconsider their position!

    Have a great 2017!

    Deborah A. Ten Brink recently posted..Content Marketing Editorial Calendar – Give And Share Your Best Stuff.My Profile

    1. Hi Deborah, thanks for visiting. I think anyone creating anything for sale would rather have happy customers than moaning customers. I certainly would not want to see many of my product sales being refunded for sure!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  17. Hi Mandy

    You are so right and I see this even in my country. Every year the Landlords wake up one morning and just tell the tenants that the rent has just increased. It is strange but greed is part of human psychology.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care
    ikechi recently posted..The 10 Most Popular Posts That Rocked in 2016My Profile

    1. Hi Ikechi, thanks for visiting. I think you may be right that greed is part of our human psychology. It is even mentioned heavily in the bible so it’s been around for a lot longer than we have!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  18. Hi Mandy,

    Selective overindulgence isn’t all bad when balanced with a moderate lifestyle.

    Greed though, is one of the ‘deadly sins’, isn’t it? And, it (greed) comes from a scarcity mentality and short-term thinking. Better, I think, to have satisfied, repeat customers whom you support and care about.

    Edward Thorpe recently posted..How To Say NO Without Losing FriendsMy Profile

    1. Hi Edward, thanks for visiting. I like that philosophy, I like to think I am selectively over indulgent!

      I would be much happier with satisfied customers who come back, or even recommend me to others, than having my sales refunded all the time and those people striking me off their buying list for the future.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  19. Hello, Mandy,

    Such an excellent topic to discus upon. I totally believe that no matter how big you would grow, if you gain the saitans rule of greed for anything, it will surely lead to downfall. And from my personal view, I too have seen a couple of people rising up and falling just due to their untolerable obsesion for $$$$.

    So no matter what you earn or do, greed can really be your downfall. Cheers to the excellent post.
    Itender Rawat recently posted..How to Write for the Web-a New Approach for Increased EngagementMy Profile

    1. Hi Itender, thanks for visiting. I do believe that we have to take a good look at what we are striving for and why.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..The End of the Christmas SeasonMy Profile

  20. Hey,

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    including a few start-ups of my own. And from my observation, the reasons for failure cited by the owners are frequently off point, which kind of makes sense when you think about it. If the owners really knew what they were doing wrong, they might have been able to fix the problem.

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    1. Hi Amar, thanks for visiting. Finding our failings and repairing them is a key to success for sure.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..The End of the Christmas SeasonMy Profile

  21. Greedy people wants a larger amount of things than you have, and it is not good just saying. Some people are like this specially when it comes to money, am I right?

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for visiting. I do think what goes around comes around and they need to watch out in the future though.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

    2. Hi Michael, thanks for visiting. Yes, you are right.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..The End of the Christmas SeasonMy Profile

  22. Hi Mandy,
    You are right greed is not .
    I have to say I have been a landlord and I was a tenant and never had any problems.
    Even in different countries. If with shops or homes, always got along very good with people.
    Maybe the world changed, and I am happy not to have to participate in this.
    I also think it does depend on the people who interact with each other and how
    they approach each other.
    Christmas time is for my family only to keep a tradition, and we do not eat differently
    and we do not buy gifts. I usually give to my African family what I would give to my Grandkids
    and they are happy with this. In our time everybody can have what he needs and it makes feel
    better to be able to help than buy things which are not needed.
    I am happy to say, I do not participate and it works fine for me.

    Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?” – Brian Tracy
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted..5 Reasons Why You Should Bank On The Internet to Make MoneyMy Profile

    1. Hi Erika, thanks for visiting. I agree with your sentiments and glad you have a tradition that you feel comfortable with.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..The End of the Christmas SeasonMy Profile

  23. I do realize that a business can be hugely profitable even when they do not care what happens to anyone else–they are just out for themselves. But I think that it oftentimes will eventually collapse under the weight of its own greed and self-indulgence.
    rachel lavern recently posted..Business Lessons Learned During a HikeMy Profile

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting. I agree, what goes around comes around and they need to watch out for the future.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  24. Hello Mandy,

    I am agreed with your views. Greed takes us down. Whether in personal life or in business.
    In person, being greedy makes you alone.
    In business, you must be keeping the balance on more than one factor. While appearing too cheap won’t make any sense, being greedy does produce no honey either.

    1. Hi Rocky, thanks for visiting. Yes, greed will indeed drag you down, and it’s a hard task to get back up once you’re down.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Greed, it will be your downfall!My Profile

  25. I hope that, after the shops are vacant for a while, the landlords will realize their mistake and lower the rents again.

    Maybe all is not lost. I’ve known a couple of small towns, one here in Australia and one in UK, that were rejuvenated by new, more expensive shops, restaurants and cafes moving in. Sadly some of my favorite, cheaper, independent shops were forced out. Antique shops gained business.

    However, in these places the higher rents were part of a plan for going upmarket rather than greed.
    Sue Bride recently posted..How to Easily Make Free Picture QuotesMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for visiting. I doubt the rents will be lowered. The shop underneath mine is empty and they have increased the rent from what the previous tenant was paying by a third. It’s sad really…

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Build Your Bridges And Your Ship Will Come InMy Profile

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