Gain More Readers On Your Blog

A blog is simply a tool to use for someone who’s got something to say.  If you like to write and engage others on subjects which you have some  experience of, then it’s a wonderful medium that allows you to interact with people who share similar interests.  Here are some great blogging tips that will help you to gain more readers:

  • Be topical.

Readers may or may not be interested in your topic, but if your message is rambling few will bother returning to your blog.

  • Refresh your content

Create a schedule and stick to it.  Blogging requires time and effort, don’t create unrealistic expectations and be unable to deliver.  An occasional lapse or holiday is generally understood but readers returning to find stale, out-dated content are going to find another blog with similar content.  New blogs and RSS feeds are popping up on a daily basis.  If you have worked hard to develop an audience and a community you don’t want to lose them due to lack of commitment on your part.

  • Clear Language Counts.

Blessed is the blog with a clear line of logic.  Write without inside jokes, cliquey catchphrases or ambiguous logic.   First time readers need to be close to your message.   They are more likely to return to blogs that strike them positively.  If the first read is confusing there will not be a second read.

  • Feed the Spiders.

Search engines take notice of active blogs and blog search engines are especially sensitive to activity.  If nothing else, search engines are smarter today than they were yesterday and are only getting smarter.  In constantly improving they are seeking to aggregate quality; quality blogs are updated several times a week, if not daily, as opposed to once or twice a month.  I don’t mean to scare you but a big spider is watching, so dance for them.

  • RSS.

Think of RSS like a magic button in the blogging world, because that’s the effect it’s had.    RSS feeds are a way to exponentially have your voice heard by those who are interested.  These feeds are a great means to increase the distribution and readership of your original content.

  • Spell check.

Use the spell-check.  It only takes a minute and can save you from looking like a hack.

Your blog audiences will be small at first.  If you tough it out while maintaining quality, the readership will materialize.  You will link to good, relevant blogs and, in turn, they will to you.  While your voice may be unique, your niche likely isn’t and if your content is emitted smartly to the Internet those relevant readers will respond through readership and interaction.

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