Down The Slippery Slope

Goodness, it seems ages since I wrote anything, when in actuality it’s been just a few short weeks.

I am currently at home recuperating from a major operation, and am not set to go back to work until the end of September (yes, it was that major!).

Of course this is giving me time to heal but the other side of it is a lack of stimulation and things I can practically do.  I’m not really one for sitting around much, however even ‘sitting’ is a little uncomfortable for any length of time.  I need to move around a bit to ease the discomfort.

Anyway, I am sitting now and thought I’d write something for my blog, and, horror of horrors, I discovered that my extended absence has led to a massive plummet in my Alexa ranking!  At the time of my last post my rank was somewhere around 500,000.  It has now taken a complete dive down to 1.8 million!

I feel the need to rectify that situation asap!

Just goes to show that we need to keep adding content fairly regularly to maintain our placing.

Enjoy the journey.


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  1. Hi Mandy!
    Good to see you back here! Sorry to hear that you’re in recovery through September though. That’s never fun!

    1. Hi George, thanks for visiting. It’s all going well, I just dont want to rush back into things and have any set backs.

      Enjoy the journey.


  2. Take care, Mandy. I wish you the quikest recovery possible. Take your time to do something you won’t be able to do while working.
    David recently posted..Expository Writing: Top Secrets and Best StrategiesMy Profile

    1. Thanks, David, I will!

      Enjoy the journey.


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    Let’s keep our body healthy.
    If we are ill or in bad condition, we can hardly do anything as usual.
    Thank you for reminding us to keep our healthy and to be regular in posting blog post.
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