Does Your Headline Have The WOW Factor?


Regardless of how well you write, if your readers are not interested in your headline or at least curious, they will not stop to read your blog post.

Your headline has to grab scanning eyes and create interest in your post.  If you do that, your readers will want to know what you mean or what you are talking about or how it will benefit them.

So, what makes a good headline?

  • Mystery

In this case, a good headline would be:

Finally, The Secret Of _______ Exposed!

Note: Words, like “revealed,” “uncovered,” “shown” and other descriptive verbs are not as powerful as “Exposed” and do not fit as well with the mysterious title. Keep that in mind when you are creating titles.  Use strong words that command action.

  • Secrets

Everyone loves secrets, especially if they think they are the only one in their business or circle of friends who knows the secret.  In this case, a good headline would be:

Do You Know The Secret Of _______?

  • Solutions

Saving money, mastering an Internet process, growing better gardens, fixing something broken, improving your SEO, building a list, etc.  In this case, good headlines would be:

Three Easy Steps To _______  or: How I Improved My Google Ranking

  • Comparisons

Accurate comparisons frequently draw a lot of interest, particularly when they tell you how to save money or make more free time on your weekends.  In this case, good headlines would be:

I Saved $100 A Month by __________   or: Free Your Weekends By Solving _______  or: A Simpler Way To Increase Your Paycheck

  • Benefits (WIIFM)

What’s In It For Me?  The answer to that statement is the major stimulus behind all buying considerations, and can be a good way to get readers to your blog posts.   In this case, a good headline would be:

Simple Steps To Get Out Of Debt  or: How To Write A Book In a Weekend  or: How To Blog With The Gurus

One thing to remember: Words mean different things to different people.  Even simple words can be very important in your efforts to craft headlines or titles. What this means for your headline writing is choose words that have emotion behind them.

You want your headlines to grab attention and make your reader want to know more.  Soft titles won’t do it.  You need emotional words that stir up some feelings with your reader.

When you are creating titles or headlines every word matters.


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  1. Great advice, Mandy – I think a lot of bloggers would get much more traffic and ‘shares’ if they’d only spend a bit of time and trouble coming up with enticing headlines – it needs to be something people will spot in their social media feed, something that stops them in their tracks and entices them to click through.

    You’ve obviously then got to deliver on whatever you’re promising in the headline, of course!

    Sue Neal recently posted..Writing Tips: Is this habit stifling your creativity?My Profile

  2. Hi Mandy

    Interesting observations, that go well with a recent guest blog post on Adrienne blog!

    One area – of several – i could sharpen up on is headlines….

    Perhaps I do not labour on them as much, as normally, it seems, people do keyword research, then want the keyword interest title…

    I approach it from a different angle, most of the time.

    My title is normally the thought that inspired the post…. And we don’t normally think in attention getting language… In our own head we don’t need them!

    I will find this handy as I progress, and may Evernote it for future reference….. Unless you are going to make an Infographic / Cheat Sheet from it?

    Posted By Jon Barry of
    Jon Barry recently posted..Brits And Their HolidaysMy Profile

  3. Hi Mandy,

    There are some great ideas here that I for one didn’t know – now I do I will certainly be changing my titles to catch the imagination of my readers.



  4. I agree Mandy, great examples. It was probably a couple years ago now that I went in search of how to write better headlines and although I don’t always follow their suggestions, I’m aware of how I can continue to improve them and the “words” that really grab people’s attention.

    Thanks for giving us these examples. That’s what we want more then anything.

    Adrienne recently posted..My Holy Water Came Too LateMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne, thanks for visiting. Using attention grabbing words really helps to bring that ‘browsing’ traffic. At the end of the day our regular visitors would probably read whatever we wrote, but it’s the people who are not regular visitors that need a catchy headline to encourage them in. Examples are always great, aren’t they. Have a good weekend!

      Enjoy the journey.


  5. Hi Mandy,

    I like this headline of yours 🙂

    I agree totally that a well crafted headline is very important in order to grab attention. I love your sharing! It is simple yet powerful.

    This is an area that I have not paid much attention to. WOW, another challenging aspect of blogging! I believe the more we pay attention to others’ headlines, the better we will become.

    I appreciate your sharing.

    Viola The Business Mum
    Viola Tam recently posted..Stay at Home Mums – B for BeliefMy Profile

    1. Hi Viola, thanks for visiting. I am often attracted to read something by the great heading. Hopefully the post itself lives up to the expectation of a great read!

      Enjoy the journey.


  6. Mandy,

    I think one of my real down falls is good headlines.

    I know that they are important but have a really hard time coming up with really good headlines.

    I do think it is really important to have key words and attention getting words in a headline.

    I am really trying to work on my headlines and you have some great ideas on how to make a better headline.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..Does Your Theme Make The Grade?My Profile

    1. Hi DeeAnn, thanks for visiting. I find that emotive words or great analogies attract me to headlines so it’s what I think of when I write. But I’m not good at them either!

      Enjoy the journey.


  7. Interesting examples, but I find a lot of these types of headline are overused and can therefore seem a bit spammy and void of personality. “Finally, The Secret Of _______ Exposed” just screams Scammy! to me. I prefer something that actually shows off the author’s personality a bit. “______ – any good or meh?” is a nice example! 😉
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted..Hello world – welcome to my new blog!My Profile

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for visiting. A very good point you’ve made here, and these particular examples can seem overused, but if you’re creative you can bring a fresh spin to them that will not offend the seasoned blog hopper and can attract more readers. Your example shows just how to use your own personality to attract more readers. Thanks for interacting.

      Enjoy the journey.


      1. Thanks Mandy. Personality is definitely a winner all round when it comes to blogging. By the way, it’s Shaun not Steve 😉
        Shaun Hoobler recently posted..psychiclottoformula.comMy Profile

        1. Hi Shaun, so sorry about the name muddle! Can’t imagine what happened there apart from my own vagueness! Thanks for coming back to let me know.

          Enjoy the journey.


  8. Hey Mandy,

    Those are some excellent pointers on punchy titles.
    Dan Kennedy has a good book on copy writing, which I haven’t read yet but the reviews of it is pretty promising.

    thanks for the share!

    Akos Fintor recently posted..Empower Network Money | Where the Hell is Yours?My Profile

    1. Hi Akos, thanks for visiting. I should look into that book as copywriting is not a particularly strong point of mine. I guess we can all learn something new, can’t we.

      Enjoy the journey.


  9. Mandy,

    I am really bad at headlines.

    I love the examples that you have given. I am definitely going to keep this to refer to when I create my next headline and the next and the next.

    You make it so simple and I love that.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..Link Cloaking Made Easy!My Profile

  10. Fabulous article, I was really wondering what’s the secret behind the earning of some people. It seems that headlines actually have an important role in this. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Hi Shaun, thanks for visiting. I got your name right this time! So sorry for the other time, must have been thinking about something else when I was replying to you. Headlines can attract new readers, who could beomce prospects or customers, so having a good handle on your attraction headline is always a good thing.

      Enjoy the journey.


  11. Great product, knowledgeable, and understandable, so true, what you say about headlines, and the need to grab scanning eyes awesome. I really like it and enjoyed learning for the time spent.
    Shaun Hoobler recently – Passion Keys Regular PackageMy Profile

    1. Hi Shaun, a good headline can encourage new readers so it’s always worth putting in a little effort into constructing your headline.

      Enjoy the journey.


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