Closer To My Dream Than I Think

I started this blog post with the question ‘closer to my dream than I think?’, but quickly realised that this is, in fact, a statement, not a question at all.

Two incredible things have happened this week that prompted this post topic, things that I did not anticipate would happen this early on in my internet marketing career.  After all, I only started this blog and this journey in February 2009, just a few short months ago.

The first thing that happened took me by surprise and I was quite overwhelmed with the generosity of spirit that emanated from the what I was reading.  As I browsed through another marketer’s blog post I discovered that the last paragraph was about me!  I was absolutely humbled by the comments made and it reminded me that we can sometimes simply have no idea of the impact that we are making on others unless they tell us.  So, thank you, Jay and Lynne Mueller, for telling me and enabling me to recognise the good that I can do.  Kind words go a long way.  You can read the post here.

The second amazing thing that has just happened is I have been asked to be a guest writer on Steve King’s blog.  I hope to able to provide Steve with a unique post every month or so that will complement his blog and his already excellent content.   We also hope to embark on a joint venture and have been working on a few ideas over the weekend.  I hold Steve in great esteem and am honoured to have been offered this incredible opportunity.

All of this has proven to me that success really is just around the corner for all of us, we simply have to be brave enough to take that step.

Everything has developed way beyond my original thoughts and aspirations and I have quickly come to realise how much good can come out of being part of a community like Masterclass.

Enjoy the journey.

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