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Are You Looking For A New Strategy?

They say the new year brings new beginnings. I was asked yesterday whether I made a business plan for 2018 and of course the answer is always yes.  Having offline businesses creates a very methodical air of working.  You do things like making business plans.  Sometimes when you work online you don’t really think about …

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And We Have Lift Off!

Outsource Explosion Launch Date

In my recent post, Build Your Bridges And Your Ship Will Come In, I talked about how I had been online since 2009 and had formed many great relationships with other marketers who have stayed around.  Of course there are an awful lot more people I formed close bonds with who are no longer online, …

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Too Busy For Social Media?

Social Media can boost your business.

Social Media for business can be hard to get to grips with.  I use it for social things, which is what is was created for.  But I don’t really use it for business, which is what it has been used successfully for by others.  I just find there are more things to do in the …

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Do You Want To Make Money From Writing?

I have just been given complete access to a product I simply have to tell you about if you are currently thinking of starting an ebook business or struggling to make your current books profitable. I would like to introduce you to the Ebook Profit Academy from Jon Crimes. Jon has been publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle …

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