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Why Do You Blog?


If people ask me why I blog I would have to honestly say it’s because I love writing.  Coupled with the fact that I am passionate about my subject.  I am actually passionate about a lot of things.  I think you have to have that passion in life to enjoy things to their fullest. I …

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How Do You Choose Your Plugins?


There are so many plugins available now it is hard to know which are best for your blog. Indeed having too many can slow down your blog performance,and some can conflict with your WordPress theme, or each other, to cause all sorts of problems for you. So how do you choose which are the best …

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Build Your Bridges And Your Ship Will Come In


I first started blogging on WordPress in 2009.  I’d had a free blog for a while but found a course online with John Thornhill that showed me how to set up my own domain, and using WordPress run a ‘proper’ blog.  I completely threw myself into John’s teaching, following every instruction to the letter, and …

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The End of the Christmas Season

It might seem strange to talk abut Christmas at the end of January and almost into February.  Many of you who know about Christmas will realise that this is not strange at all as Candlemas is actually the end of the Christmas festivities, and we have just had our Candlemas service at the weekend.  Christmas …

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Greed, it will be your downfall!

It’s an appropriate time of the year to talk a bit about greed and how it can be your down fall.  We do seem to do everything to the extremely excessive limits at this time of the year.  There’s almost always too much food, too many gifts, too much drinking, too many parties and social …

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What Should I Blog About?

What should I blog about is a question I’m sure we have all asked ourselves from time to time.  Whether it is because you have no ideas for a blog post or you have no idea where your blog is going this question will seem like an insurmountable hurdle at times. I never find myself …

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Fail To Plan And You Plan To Fail

You have all heard this phrase a lot, I’m sure.  If you fail to plan you plan to fail.  What does it mean though?  Well, for me it means if  don’t spend some time thinking about my business and making decisions on key aspects of it I will indeed fail.  I like to make a …

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Want More Blog Visitors? Run Your Own Challenge!

When I first started blogging in 2006 I was unable to connect with other bloggers, mostly because I simply did not know how to do that!  It was only by joining a mentoring programme that I was given the tools and advice to create a blogging community around me.  During the first stages of the …

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Creative Action And The Learning Curve

My greatest intention has always been to write the very best works that I can, every time.  It is something I can achieve if I have a plan before I start.  My action starts by writing out the plan.  I have learned that this method works well for me. Usually I write long hand, so …

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I’m Passionate About The PAC Blogging Carnival!

PAC Blogging Carnival

Blogging has become big business on the Internet in a very short time.  One of the things I have become very passionate about is helping people to blog effectively, hence my blog caption ‘Learn To Blog With Mandy Allen’.  In my efforts help others I have created a Blogging Carnival for a group I am …

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