Can You Really Make Money Online?

When you are looking for a way to make money at home you probably have fallen over all those marketing pages with someone lounging on the fender of his sports car or at a pool in a famous resort.  If you were fascinated by the list of headline enticements to follow the links to get his secret method of attracting easy money, you were already caught in a web of great graphics, bank account images and several strong calls to action, which means “buy the product or service.”

Before you fall for every elegant sales pitch on the Web, stop and think a little.  Anybody can sit on the fender of an expensive car in the driveway of a mansion and have a picture taken.  Those scenes by a pool can be staged on any nicely decorated pool.  There was a time when those lovely scenes were duplicated all over the web, with different cars and a pool with different flowers or decorations.

The need to make money online can be so alluring that you might just soak up all those cleverly crafted headlines and lose a lot of money searching for the real secret to “make instant money in 10 days.”  All those emails with impossible promises to make several thousands of dollars in 3 days, or overnight, without doing any work at all, are designed to lighten your bank accounts.  Desperate people will suspend all logic when their back is to the wall.  Eddie Cantor famously said ‘it takes twenty years to become an overnight success’.  Bear that in mind when you are getting your wallet out and dreaming of large amount sof income next week.

There are several ways to make money online with your blog that are not scams, but all require real work and quite a lot of focused thinking.  You can find typical methods to make an income from blogging in the normal fashion all over the web.  Let’s look at some ways to make money online that you might not consider.

  • A blog is the easiest way to get started marketing online.  Just use Google to find endless lists of “free blogs” to make a hosting and blogging decision for your new business.

Now that you have a blog and don’t have any products to sell, consider trying blogging for pay if you are a good writer and can research a subject quickly.  To get noticed, advertise your existence by commenting and linking to blogging network sites.  When you write your posts be professional in your approach and show some of your personality without being overly personal.  and are popular blogging networks, but you can find 39,700,000 others with a simple Google search.
You can write reviews on products specific to your niche if your niche is currently popular, like mobile phones, parenting or gaming.  If your blog is well-written and gets a following you might be approached with a blog for pay offer for writing reviews of the other blogger’s products.  Some major retailers could also offer this service to you.  Just make sure you thoroughly check out their disclosure rules, payment schedules and their reputation before you sign up for anything.

  • If you like to take photos, you can make extra money selling your photos on stock photography sites.  While you might not send the kids through college selling your photos, you have a good chance of creating a secondary income.  Some links to remember: Fotolia, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and Big Stock Photo.
  • Many are making a good online living flipping domains.  What you need to do is search the Web and locate unused run-down Web sites that meet your criteria.  Make them look better by adding new graphics, current information or resources.  You can sell them for a good price
  • You can create the business of your dreams online with a blog focused on what you want to do and how you want to do it.  Some are making money from their blog by designing and selling T-shirts with off-the-wall phrases or logos.  In businesses of this type, the more offbeat or amusing the phrase or logo you put on the T-shirt, the more people will buy it.

The Internet has no boundaries.  You can market to international countries with a mouse click.  You can sell downloadable products or manufactured products from your blog.  You can clean out your closet and garage selling stuff you haven’t used in years on eBay.  Let your creativity and common sense guide you on your blogging journey.  The entire world is your market!

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