Building A Good Reputation

Wow!  I have just had the best week ever!  A couple of weeks ago I started to sell oil lamp glassware on e.bay.  Sales started slowly but this last week sales have suddenly shot up!  I have gone from a few boxes to post to a car full at a time.  Slightly problematic with the closure of a lot of local post offices but I have found one where I can park outside, which is fortuitous.  At the same time as selling well I am obviously getting a stack of positive feedback as a seller.  In the past I have only been a buyer, my sales attempts have failed miserably.  Clearly this increased traffic has helped with income but the most important thing has been the positive comments made about my activity as a seller.  In addition to the positive feedback I have been receiving questions and requests regarding oil lamp glassware.  You may wonder why I am telling you this.  Well, it is all about building a good reputation, a reputation that encourages people to ask for a little bit more from you.  You can build that reputation in any field you choose to research significantly.  When you are seen as an authority people will come to you, and ultimately buy from you.  Not only have I sold well with the standard products I offer on e.bay but I have had requests for specific items I can source.  Being able to deliver a good service also builds a good reputation.

Back your products up with a good service and you will always get positive feedback.

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