Blogging For Fun Or Blogging For Fortune?

Okay, so maybe I won’t make my fortune directly from my blog but you never know!

When I started down this road with John Thornhill’s Masterclass in 2009 I was clear that it was to learn how to market a self help product via the internet.  Along the way I have learnt a lot more about internet marketing than I bargained for!

For a start, there’s this blog.  I never imagined I would be learning how to set up such a thing.  Even when I realised what it was John wanted us to do I was absolutely adamant that I had nothing to write about!  But here I am, a large number of posts down the line and thoroughly enjoying this ‘blogging’ thing!

Many of my fellow students comment about their blogs and where they are going.  They tell stories of how difficult they find it to blog at the start.  Some of them have had to restart their blogs from scratch – what a nightmare that must be!  I can’t imagine how I would feel having to start this all over again.

So, blogging for fun or fortune?  Well, there is always a chance that some income might result from running a blog without making too much effort, but it is clearly those who make an effort and put the time into their blog that see a pay off at the end of the day.  You see, it’s all about getting traffic to your blog and if you let the whole thing slip and people revisit and it all looks the same they may not come back again.

Cathy Perkins states that there are 5 common mistakes people make with their blogs.

1. Posting infrequently,

2. Regurgitating content,

3. Insulting your readers (talking down to them),

4. No call to action (not telling them exactly what you want them to do),

5. Posts that go on and on.

So, if you blog, avoid these 5 common mistakes and it will mean more repeat visits from your loyal followers and hopefully you will see an increase in traffic over time.

Enjoy the journey.

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