Better Blogging For Greater Success

Too often bloggers complain that after a great start, a year later their blog is as dead as can be.  This is a common problem that almost always revolves around a small list of common mistakes made by the blogger.  A blogger can sit back and expect the blog to do all of the work for him or her, which is a terrible way to approach blogging.

A successful blogger would tell you that great blogging takes a certain amount of dedication and hard effort to make it work.  You have to put effort into a blog to sustain it, especially after the first month or so of completing the design.  Many people work so hard during the initial design phase that they get lazy after it is complete.  To avoid this happening to your blog, check out these five common mistakes that can bury a blog.

  • Infrequent Updates

One of the biggest mistakes a blogger can make is to “forget” about posting.  The most successful blogs are updated with new posts on a regular basis.  Some larger blogs are constantly being updated.  You should try to create new posts as often as possible, and get into a rhythm.

Try to take a few moments a day to create interesting posts or content.  If you are writing short and concise posts like you should be, this should not be that challenging.  This way you will have a backlog of posts you can pop onto the site if something happens in the future and you cannot get to post for a while.  It will help your consistency.

  • Too Much Advertising

Most bloggers today do want to make some money from their blog.  This is a trend that can get out of control quickly however.  If you are interested in adding ads to your blog, do so with caution.  There is nothing wrong with a few appropriately places ads that offer viewers links to places that correlate with your blog’s content.  However, adding a massive amount of advertisements on your blog is a mistake.

If you have a bunch of flashy ads on your blog, your content will get lost in the melee.  Therefore, you should always limit your ads to three or less per page.  Make sure you place them in appropriate places that let your content shine through.  Don’t allow enormous ads to fill up your pages either.  They will simply annoy readers.  Be smart about including advertising on your blog!

  • Unprofessional Look

Looks do matter when it comes to your blog.  The more professional and crisp your blog looks, the more your readers will take you seriously.  If you are interested in boosting traffic to your blog you should try a more serious layout or presentation.  If you can afford to hire a professional, you should.  If you choose to do it yourself however, you must make sure the end product is good.  If you have a sloppy blog that looks “homemade” you will not have a great response from your visitors. Try different layouts and approaches to see which ones get you the most traffic.

  • Graphics Overload

Pictures can add a ton to your blog and draw in more readers.  However, when done excessively, much like ads, pictures can drive people away.  The main reason too many pictures can ruin a blog is because there are many web surfers who still use slow internet connections.  When they try to load your page, it will take an excessively long time to do so.  This is likely to drive them away.

  • Inappropriate Content

Everyone knows that the web is a place where you can freely express yourself.  However, if you want your blog to survive, you might want to think about that freedom of expression.  Although you should always say what you feel, try to do so in an appropriate manner on your blog.  There are ways to say anything that is on your mind, without using profanity or any offensive language.  If you want your blog to be successful, you should not be inappropriate with your content.

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