Are You Successful?


Are You Successful?

Of course when asked the question ‘Are You Successful?’ you need to understand what the question means and how success is measured both by you and the person asking.  For example if someone asked me if I was successful I would most definitely say yes, but they may be talking about a variety of different aspects of my life, and they may measure success completely differently to me.  I feel I am a successful blogger, having worked hard at it for a long time to build up recognition and a community of readers and commenters.  But their measure of success as a blogger might mean they want to know how much money I make from blogging.  The reality is I don’t make any income from blogging itself.  I use my blog as a portal for my other interests that involve selling products to make an income.  As you can see on the right hand top there is a sign up box.  Anyone who signs up will get regular emails from me, some of those emails will contain help and advice, others will be product reviews with an affiliate sales link which I will earn an income from.  The graphics on the blog are all affiliate buttons and if someone clicks them and buys the product I will earn a commission.

So success is measured differently by different people and you must understand both what is behind the question and how you yourself measure success.  They say the world is divided into the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.  I am a ‘haves’.  I have confidence, I have skills, I have good friends and a lovely family, I have opportunities.  I do not have a big house, lots of money or a flashy car, but this does not make me a ‘have not’.  I have never thought success in life is about material wealth.  I’m alive and I survive – I am a have and I am successful!

Enjoy the journey!


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  1. Hello Mandy! WOW Girl! This was an AWESOME POST! I do agree that success is measured differently by different people! I just loved the way shared your way of I am a ‘haves’. Such a great way to think about being a SUCCESS!

    Thanks for sharing,, You ROCK!
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..An Introduction For Your Instagram SuccessMy Profile

    1. Hi Chery, thanks for visiting. Thank you for saying that, I do believe that it’s all about mindset, how you think about things. There are people who have lots more who feel like they have nothing at all, such a shame when folks get into that way of thinking.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  2. Hey Mandy, loving this work. I’ve seen people talk about success and being grateful for the things they have and so on, but I think the way you put it is probably up there at the top. 🙂 A good quote (from a song I believe) which I reckon you’ll like is “Glass half full or glass half empty, either way you won’t be thirsty”. Cheers again for the article, keep it up!
    George C recently posted..Why blogging is one of the most powerful ways for luxury brands to connect with Chinese customersMy Profile

    1. Hi George, thanks for visiting. Being grateful is such a good thing to do as it makes us feel successful I believe. I’ve never know whether I think of glass as half full or half empty, I know my attitude is a half full one, but honestly, it’s just a drink!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  3. My favorite definition of success is by Earl Nightingale, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful EntrepreneursMy Profile

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting. Love the quote, haven’t heard of the guy but I’m sure I’ve heard the quote before somewhere. Might have been one of those cool graphics you see around Facebook…

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  4. I should probably think of myself as successful but I don’t. I have been successful, and if I’d been asked this question in 2006 I’d have answered it differently. I won’t truly feel as though I’ve been successful until I have no worries about ever paying bills again and can still spend money on things I want freely and easily.

    Until then, I can certainly say I’m accomplished… but saying I’m successful would make me feel like a liar.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Offline Marketing Is Important, Even If Your Business Is OnlineMy Profile

    1. Hi Mitch, thanks for visiting. I know a lot of people measure success by how much financial security they have. I can see exactly where you are coming from. I think over time I too have been a bit like a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the other, but on the whole I have always been such an optimistic person I have considered myself successful for the majority of my life.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

      1. That’s why I make a distinction. I’ve had a lot of accomplishments and accolades but if I decided to stop working tomorrow I’d be broke in just a couple of months. The other stuff is nice but it doesn’t pay the bills or let me have pizza every day 🙂
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Are Your Blog’s Money Making Efforts Ethical?My Profile

  5. I often think that the definition of success varies greatly among us. Success to me means being happy and content. Thanks for posting, it was a great read.
    Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS recently posted..How Does Walking Increase the Blood Flow To The Brain?My Profile

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for visiting. I agree, each person has their own idea of what success is and for me it is also about how happy and content I am.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  6. Do you think that we often define another person’s success by different criteria to how we define it ourselves? We might look on someone who rose through the ranks in their career as successful. That person may be stressed out, worked all hours, and messed up their family life. They might have failed in, or not even tried, their true vocation and compromised. They may not consider themselves successful.

    There are big successes and small ones. For me, being happy and doing no harm to others is the big definition. Small ones might be as simple as finishing planned tasks for the day. I like the Earl Nightingale quote written by Rachel.
    Sue Bride recently posted..KISS Your Blog Post And Keep Readers InterestedMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for visiting. What valid points you put across! It’s true we probably all judge others and create a measure in our heads based on our own beliefs and desires. I also liked the quote!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  7. Hey Mandy,
    I agree with you.

    What I consider success, could mean nothing to someone else. Everyone has standards and and interests, and it all depends on the goal that you made the blog for.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Hussain Omar recently posted..11 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Old Blog PostsMy Profile

    1. Hi Hussain, thanks for visiting. You are exactly on point, we each have our own definitions of success. I think a lot of people start blogging for definite reasons then find they are blogging for other reasons further down the line.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  8. Hi Mandy,

    The impression of success can depend on who you compare yourself to.

    Compared to many people I am a modest success, materially…. Nice house, pay my bills easily, business of my own, no real wants.

    Compared to others, I’m a “nothing” – LOL 🙂 As I was told the other day when I was trying to get a solicitor to finish a job I’m paying him his quoted price of £850 for. Nice customer relations, hey?

    Unfortunately I compare myself to my (very loving) parents and feel a failure. No-one can really understand that.

    But until I match what they achieved from far humbler backgrounds than they blessed me with, I will continue striving for that elusive feeling of success. Which is probably no bad thing anyway 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark
    Joy Healey recently posted..Best Support In A Network Marketing CompanyMy Profile

    1. Hi Joy, thanks for visiting. I think you’ve stressed a very important point here, that we often compare ourselves to others rather than measuring our own success based on our own values. If we constantly compare ourselves then the likelihood is we will fall short because we measure success as being something more than what we actually see as having. The reality about measuring your own success is it can only really be measured in terms of what we believe success to be, and if we believe success has to be measured against what someone else has or had then falling short is often what we will do.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  9. I am a have. I like looking at the bright side of things while never ignoring the other side. Great article.
    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted..Mending Fences and Maintaining Sobriety: Addiction Survivors Share the Ways They’ve Rebuilt Relationships in RecoveryMy Profile

    1. Hi Elise, thanks for visiting. I agree, the bright side is good for me too. Whilst I like to think it’s the better side to look upon I wonder how people on the other side actually feel, maybe they think there side is the better side to look upon!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  10. Hi Mandy,

    Trust me, you’re successful and you understand what it means!
    Edward Thorpe recently posted..Researchers Uncover Why Some People Are Dumber Than DirtMy Profile

    1. Hi Edward, thanks for visiting and thanks for that comment!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  11. Hi Mandy,
    i love blog and the comments.
    I find it fascinating how different people measure success, and I think the reality is that most people don’t really think about it much.
    To be fair, that’s OK. Just don’t beat yourself up about being unsuccessful if you don’t know what success looks like.

    For me, success is at least partly financial. It means doing something I enjoy to earn money, and then having enough money to be able to do the things I want to do with the people I want to do them with when I’m not working.

    If you measure success in materialist terms, then you never get there. This year’s flashy car, for example, will turn into an old banger soon enough.
    carl melton recently posted..Persevere and Be SUCCESSFULMy Profile

    1. Hi Carl, thanks for visiting. I agree with you about doing something you love to earn. I don’t earn lots but I have great quality of life and I do the things I want to. Luckily I’m not so materialistic because it can drain your resources trying to keep up all the time.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  12. Hi Mandy,
    I have never thought of success as a true or absolute measure of success. All of that I think is the results of your mindset and how you elevate yourself out of your own way.
    Lesly recently posted..How A Cup Of Tea Made Me Cry To Experience SuccessMy Profile

    1. Hi Lesly, thanks for visiting. Yes, mindset plays such a big part in our lives, doesn’t it.

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..Are You Successful?My Profile

  13. Mandy I really dig your take on success. I am a minimalist in many ways; gotta be to circle the globe for 6 years because no sense taking a lot with us. I do have quite a bit, in terms of the freeing life I designed for myself. I travel where I want, whenever I want to, and have the ways and means to do so at the drop of a hat. That is success for me, and that is freedom. More than anything, having fun and spreading love are successful living to me. Get those 2 down and you are beyond golden.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..10 Tips to Be a Smarter and Richer Blogger (Amazon eBook)My Profile

    1. Hi Ryan, thanks for visiting. As long as we are clear about our own measures of success then we will always be able to feel successful. As someone else said, if we measure our success based on what others perceive as being successful we will always fall short. Glad you get such enjoyment out of life, I do too!

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..How Do You Re-use Your Content?My Profile

  14. Hey Mandy,
    Hope you are doing well.. 🙂

    Not sure about success but I didn’t learn to lose. It is seen unsuccessful people are more experienced, they have good knowledge of particular subject they lost, in coming time they are best instructor. Yeah, I agree with you that if someone say me ” you are successful person” obviously I will reply him “yes”. People first measure the person and then they call person successful person, as I think.

    Good to hear that you are fully satisfied with your life what you have, I think this is the identity of successful person who satisfied with his work, business and life. Well discussed on this topic, I learned and enjoyed reading this article. I have no complaints about my life and I’m happy with my life.

    Thanks for informative post.
    – Ravi.
    Ravi Roshan Jaiswal recently posted..13 Content Marketing Strategies Suitable For Even the Smallest BudgetMy Profile

    1. Hi Ravi, thanks for visiting. Not losing is a great ting to learn! Even if we make mistakes or don’t come out where we thought we would we can turn the learning into a positive, don’t you think?

      Enjoy the journey! recently posted..How Do You Re-use Your Content?My Profile

  15. Hi Mandy,
    during present times peoples does not know that they are successful or not
    but your thoughts very inspiring if peoples read that articles that they
    actual know that what the reason of successful man.


  16. Hi Mandy i’m one of your frequent reader i also have a website like you i think just need time to optimize my site and i’m almost there.

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