Are You Alexa Ranked?

If you are new to Internet Marketing you may well ask what does being Alexa Ranked mean?

Basically your Alexa Ranking is the place that your website sits amongst all of the other websites in the world.  Obviously in some cases that will mean you will see a number in the millions.  Hopefully you will build your Alexa Rank so your site appears in the thousands, but considering that you are competing with every other site in the world it takes hard work and a bit of knowledge to rank well.  In addition to this it is quite possible that your site will show no rank at all, meaning it is way down the list!

There are a number of things you can do to improve your Alexa Ranking. Good traffic to your blog, great content and lots of comments all help, so does having a social bookmark plugin activated.  Backlinks are another strong factor and one way you can get these is by visiting other blogs and leaving valuable comments, making sure to attach your URL in the signature box.  If ‘commentluv‘ is activated on the site make sure you use it by leaving your name@your keywords in the ‘name’ box.

Another thing you can do to help your rank is to ‘claim your site‘.  Essentially Alexa give you a piece of code to put on your site for them to search for, when they find it they allow you to create your own profile and download a customised widget to add to your site to show your rank (see my Alexa widget in the right sidebar).

If you do not understand what you are to do with the code here’s the instructions:

Put your URL in the ‘claim your site‘ box, then log in with your Alexa account details.  If you have not already registered you can do this now on the login page.  You will need to confirm the account by clicking a link in an email sent to the address you register.  You will then choose your password.

Click on ‘site tools’ to continue with your site claim.  You will be given two options, download a text file or add a meta tag.  Click ‘download text file’ and copy the text provided.  Paste this into notepad and save the file, naming it the code number enclosed in quotation marks within the text and adding ‘.txt’ to the end.  Here is an example:  <meta name=”alexaVerifyID” content=”Pq7S8Alxh7ownXIQ183dq4″ />.  Call your notepad file ‘Pq7S8Alxh7ownXIQ183dq4.txt’.  Obviously your ID code will be different to this example.

Go to your ftp client and upload this notepad document into the html part of your site (this is called the root directory).  You can find this on the right side of the ftp window, named ‘public_html’.  Double click this then double click your website name to open that area.  Locate your notepad document on the left side of your window, right click and select ‘upload’.

Go back to Alexa, click the back button and then click ‘verify my text file’.  You will now be able to create your own profile, choose SEO options if you wish, and download widgets for your site in ‘site tools’.

If you can, you should start to implement some strategies to increase your Alexa Rank today.  Leave a comment below for a backlink – it’s a good start!

If you go to the video tutorials page you can watch a video that will take you through these steps.


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  1. Hi Mandy,

    I already knew your rank…lol
    Iyt tells me in a little plugin for firefox that sits down in the bottom right corner of my screen..
    It’s called alexa sparky, and tells me the rank of every site I visit 🙂

    I find it a very useful tool…

    Hope that also helps your readers 🙂


    1. Hi Randy, thanks for visiting. I also use a tool that tells me what every sites rank is. This site is still quite low down the scale, I’m monitoring how each task I perform affects the rank. Claiming the domain whacked 100k off my total.

      Enjoy the journey.


    2. Hey Randy just want to say thanks for this useful plug-in. T.

      1. Hi Terry, yes, the tools are useful. I use the Alexa toolbar so it tells me the rank of every site I visit. Interesting development, since getting a bunch of comments on this post my rank has gone down from 1.7m to 1.3m in a few days. Clearly traffic is a big key to rank, and clearly that is why ranks well, my traffic and comments are high!

        Enjoy the journey.


  2. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on this Mandy, I’ve never really paid much attention to the Alexa rank before.

    Now I know what it is and understand a bit about how it works I can put it on my (getting longer by the day!) ‘to do’ list!!


    1. Hi Stuart, thanks for visiting. I discovered the Alexa site a long time ago and checked my ranking from time to time. It’s only recently that I fully understood how to use it to my advantage.

      Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hey Mandy

    Alexa rank is one of those weird things that we all put store in…..I tend to use it as a relative indicator for traffic to two different blogs I have.

    But here’s some interesting numbers to share with your audience.

    The Alexa rank of my bass guitar site is 760,000 – something like that. And it gets around 450 to 500 unique visits a day.

    My ONe Spoon website has an Alexa rank of around 290,000 – yet the daily traffic is 40 to 50 a day! So it’s wise to be careful to assign too much importance to it – but it is a useful indicator of progress. (But not much more!)


    1. That’s really interesting, Paul. I think it’s just a good indicator we can all see, and it’s a great feeling watching your ranking drop.

      Thanks for visiting.

      Enjoy the journey.


  4. Mandy,

    It’s interesting that you noticed claiming your domain knocked 100k off your Alexa ranking. Very interesting.

    Alexa rank is something I’ve been monitoring on my own site since January. The Alexa site is also a good place to do some research on the backlinks your competitors are getting. Those are the “Sites Linking In” or however they phrase it.

    With some persistent community-building, commenting, and social bookmarking you can get into the low hundreds of thousands relatively quickly. You start hitting some resistance levels nearing 150k. You likely already knew that 🙂

    Thanks for your first-hand knowledge of the claim your domain feature.


    1. Hi Jon, I was taking notice of the adjustments I made on this site and how they affected it. My personal blog,, has a much better ranking but I never knew why, so I thought I would try a few things to see what happened. Signing up with Active Search Results had a good affect too.

      Thanks for visiting.

      Enjoy the journey.


  5. Hi Mandy,

    Never knew you had this other blog here. You have very good interesting topics, will be visiting more often.

    Your Alexa ranking is important because a lot of people look at it when visiting websites.

    Thanks for bringing this to light and letting us know what we can do to lower our ranking.

    Terry Conti

    1. Hi Terry, good to see you here. I never really promoted this blog, wanted to get a load of good content on here first, so now I am working to get it ranked higher and taking note of everything I do and how it affects the rank.

      Thanks for visiting.

      Enjoy the journey.


  6. Hi Mandy…
    wow am I behind the times! I didn’t even know you had this site!
    Great site…I love it.

    Great info too. Alexa is important as well as Google page rank. I do have that tool on my blog but not the Alexa one nor have I created a profile..

    Now I have directions to make everything easy 😉
    Thanks Mandy…

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for visiting. I intend to add a video later this month to show people who are still unclear about how to achieve this. I always learned better from videos.

      Enjoy the journey.


  7. Hi Mandy, Thanks for the instructions. I had registered but overlooked the uploading of the txt doc.

    Thanks to your clear instructions I’ve now completed that so will have to see how it affects my ranking, which by the way has dropped by 50,000 so far this year due to being away so much for my mum.

    I look forward to more great posts like this Mandy, I also look forward to the video you mentioned to Kathy.

    Best of luck with your ranking Mandy,


    1. Hi Barry, thanks for visiting. Yes, I will get the video sorted in the nest week or so and upload it. I’ll let you know when it is live.

      Enjoy the journey.


  8. Hi Mandy:

    Sounds like this is another blog you have, or is it the new look of the same blog. whatever it is , it is very very fresh look spring like and attractive.

    Blog post is informative. I do have Alexa ranking bar, and I can check every site as soon as it comes up on the screen.

    But my own experience and based on what every one says has stopped believing it.

    Take care

    Fran A

    1. I can’t fault you for that, Fran. I do know it is just supposed to be a guide, nothing more.

      I have had this blog for a while, I never promoted it because I wanted to get a lot of good content on here first. Now is doing so well I felt it was time to make something of this site. Glad you like it.

      Enjoy the journey.


  9. Hey Mandy,

    Quite an interesting post… especially about what claiming your domain did for your Alexa ranking!

    However, I have a similar experience to Paul.

    I have a travel website with an Alexa ranking of approximately 1.5 million and it gets about 600 – 700 visitors per day.

    My main blog however is ranking at 750k – 760k and my average daily visitors number about 46!

    It’s cool to watch the rankings drop though 🙂

    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Dottson, thanks for visiting. As I said, it is only an indicator and it is nice to see a lower number on the ranking. I have been watching what effect each action I perform has on the ranking and it has been an interesting exercise.

      Enjoy the journey.


  10. Hi Mandy

    Very interesting article about Alexa,ive heard of them but didnt know exactly what they did,oh well learn something new each day,i,ll put a widget on my blog and by the way thanks for blog comment.

    best regards


    1. Hi Joe, thanks for visiting. Glad to have been of help.

      Enjoy the journey.


    • Ed on April 11, 2011 at 10:50 pm
    • Reply

    Hey mandy,

    I used to have the Alexa toolbar on my desktop, and yiou know the weird thing is I never really paid any attention to it, as a matter of fact I uninstalled it because of that, after reading your post I think maybe it’s time I took another look at this tool, it looks like one I need to paid attention to for seeing how my business and websites stand in the world!

    Thanks for the Ed’s up….Ed.

    1. Hi Ed, nice to see you here. I just like to see where my site sits in amongst others. This one has crept up the rankings well since I started promoting it. Very interesting to see what a difference the actions I take make. sits well and I’m very pleased with it’s position. One key to retaining your rank though is to submit posts regularly. I see falls quite a bit if I haven’t posted for a while.

      Enjoy the journey.


  11. Hi Mandy,

    Thanks for this clear explanation of Alexa Ranking. I have put a ranking widget on my blog but it is currently just showing my rank as “no data” so I guess I have a long, long, long way to go building backlinks before I make it into the thousands! Hopefully by participating in your Blog Carnival I will get a few backlinks to help me get started.

    Thanks again for the explanation of Alexa,

    1. Hi Ian, glad to hear you are joining in with the Carnival. One of the advantages is you get a topic idea each month so you don’t have to think one up for yourself. Your rank will improve quite quickly once you start posting and commenting and getting those backlinks. Go to Alexa and claim your site too, it really does make a difference.

      Enjoy the journey.


  12. Hello Mandy,

    that’s good…I know for Alexa … but I never give to many attention to this Alexa…now, now I’ll look on “her” like my daughter 🙂

    1. Hi Alex, good to see you here. It’s good to install the toolbar (or any other Alexa ranking tool you might find) as you can instantly see the rank of any site you visit. You can then see if you can work out what the site owner does to get such a high rank!

      Enjoy the journey.


      1. Mandy, yesterday I was finishing with first Alexa step. Today I have first rating for my totally new blog…long away ….somewhere there in back , but I’ll be better with time…so thanks for good information , I was always looking this Alexa from distance…never go in there, to search


        1. Hi Alex, thanks for visiting. Glad you managed to sort it out and it should gradually get higher, as you say, with time.

          Enjoy the journey.


  13. Hi Mandy, Thanks so much for this very helpful blog post. I had heard of Alexa and even have the toolbar, but didn’t know about registering my site at Alexa. I am going through the steps now to put the code in my site.

    When I mentioned this blog post to a friend of mine who has her own website, she was suspicious about Alexa and asked, how accurate could this be if 100,000 was knocked off of her Alexa ranking by registering with Alexa?

    She had a good point that I don’t know the answer to. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Carolyn, it is about Alexa recognising the owner of a site and verifying that the site does indeed belong to a real person, and it not robot operated. I am surprised if your friend has not heard of Alexa as it is a ranking system most Internet Marketers take some notice of. Claiming your site with Alexa improves your ranking, as I have said in this post. I was surprised at my results. I have now added a video tutorial that goes through the steps.

      Enjoy the journey.


  14. Hi Mandy,
    I like to think of Alexa as a benevolent dictator – sometimes she is positive, other times she just ignores us.

    The measure, just like Google Page Rank, is malleable and can change with each update of the algorithm or at alexa’s whim.

    I personally like the count of in links provided by yahoo site explorer. It is comprehensive and a fantastic way of checking up on your competitor’s progress…

    1. Thanks for visiting. I do agree that it is just aguide, not an accurate assessment. I must go over to Yahoo and check out their tools, thanks for the tip.

      Enjoy the journey.


  15. Hi Mandy

    Really enjoyed reading this post, I have been using Alexa for 6 days now and already my Ranking has improved by nearly 60% .. unbelievable! I have Barry to thank for that.

    I didn’t realize you could claim your site though which I will be doing tomorrow! Thanks for “How to do it instructions”

    Great post Mandy



    1. Hi Ian, glad to have helped. It is just a guide, but a very useful one at that. Do you have an xml sitemap too? You should get one, read the next post as well. Thanks for visiting.

      Enjoy the journey.


  16. Alexa rank is just view for fun, there’s no value as the rule.

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for visiting. I don’t disagree but I do think it is a useful guide, and I love to see the number dropping!

      Enjoy the journey.


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