All I Want For Christmas Is…

Last night I hosted a Speed Networking event on Google hangout, along with other Internet Marketers who hosted their own hangouts.  The idea was pretty much the same as and ‘speed’ event you might have seen, people dropped in for a while then moved on to another hangout to see what was going on there.

It was a brilliantly popular event and my ‘room’ was pretty much full the whole time, ran over time by about a half hour because everyone could not get in when they wanted to earlier, and with one person staying for the whole hour because they found the topics so rivetting!

I based my hangout around Christmas wishes.  I asked everyone who visited me what they would like to put on their Christmas wish list with regard to their business ideas, plans, needs and wants, and we would see if anyone in the group could help them out.

Many of the topics discussed were indeed things that were available within the group.  Most really wanted help with specific things they struggled with, although one person asked for a tablet computer and another a Bamboo Pen!  The tablet we could do nothing about but someone suggested a piece of software that does a similar job to a Bamboo Pen.

All in all everyone who visited my ‘room’ went away with something from Santa, in some cases an offer of help with a problem, in other cases an idea spawned from the opportunity to share and discuss their particular issues in an open forum with like minded people.

I got what I wanted too, someone is going to teach me how to add pictures to Facebook, something I have never been able to do!

If you would like the opportunity to join us in our Tuesday Mastermind Groups just click the link in the right side bar for Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars.  You can join the basic hangouts for absolutely no cost!  We also have a Facebook Group that you can join by clicking this link: Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars Facebook Group.  From time to time we also have live meetups and you can get details of these events by clicking this link: Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars Live Meet Ups.

Whether you you do or don’t join this great team of marketers at any of these venues leave me a comment and let me know what one thing for your online business you would like to see in your Christmas Stocking!


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  1. Hi Mandy
    A great blog and speed networking event . It was a great success. I like your website too. Thanks for all your help. Best wishes John Barton
    John Barton recently posted..Was it a very good year for Great Britain? – Part One – SportsMy Profile

    1. Hi John, it was good to meet you on the call, John. Looking forward to working more closely with you over the next few weeks.

      Enjoy the journey.


  2. Hi Mandy,

    What a great topic for your hangout.

    I was offering help with the system for any new members, but as most were older members we had more a meet and greet session.

    We did have someone ask another to become a guest bloggers for them, so that was great to see!

    I am looking forward to the next, and hope to get across to yours too!

    Posted By Jon Barry of
    Jon Barry recently posted..eLearning V Traditional LearningMy Profile

    1. Hi Jon, it’s always great to offer open sessions where people can just come along and see what’s on offer and ask for something that might help them. Obviously we can do that in our teams but it opened the doors for more people to get something they might require. I ended up offering several skype sessions and some contact help to visitors. It was great to see people being able to identify what they need and that need being met by others in the group.

      Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hey Mandy,

    Well since Christmas is right around the corner I just wanted to tell you what I want for Christmas.

    First of all the blog I run is only 2 months old, and so far I’ve moved from one free theme to the other. So my first wish would be either the Genesis or the Thesis framework to install on my blog.

    And my second Christmas wish is more about Social Media. One thing I struggle with is Twitter, in more detail how to get more followers and RTweeters. So if Santa could give me a copy of TweetAdder it would make my year.

    I always enjoy reading your posts Mandy, very inspirational.

    Have a great day, cheers.

    Philip A. recently posted..How to start a successful blog that stands outMy Profile

    1. Hi Philip, thanks for visiting. One thing you could do for a theme is search for any offers, deals or competitions with a great theme as a winner’s prize. I know a few people who got Camtasia, the video suite, either free in competitions or at a very much reduced cost through a voucher scheme etc. I am sure there must be something similar out there that you might be able to tap into as the cost of these premium themes and products is often prohibitive for some. Hope you get what you wish for!

      Enjoy the journey.


  4. Hey Mandy,

    Sounds like your hangout was a huge success. I admit being pretty spoiled with our group so I didn’t do any hopping around. Yeah I know, shame on me but how can you get to know anyone in such a short period of time!

    Glad you and your other guests were able to help and I have no doubt all yours from this moment on will be just as fun.

    Have a great week.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why Some Automatic Settings Are A Very Bad IdeaMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne, I do know what you mean about having a great group and wanting to stay in with them. I don’t think the aim was for us all to get to know each other so much as giving everyone a snap shot of being in a different team. I guess if you all stayed in your own hangout there probably wasn’t room for any visitors, although I believe it takes up to 9 people now. Can’t imagine a call with 9 people on! I know it’s only 2 more but seems like it might be a bit confusing! I do try to make the meets fun but I am also a bit of a hard task master and send my team away with homework each week too! Hopefully it’s always something they can either learn from or that will help them make a decision or progress in their business. Glad you are enjoying your hangouts, and thank you so much for introducing me to them.

      Enjoy the journey.


  5. Hi Mandy,
    a brilliant idea for your hangout – we are never too old for making wish lists on Christmas Eve. On the contrary, a good wish list can become a perfect action plan. I will set a reminder ton my phone to join you next time. So, where’s my Christmas stocking?)))
    Jack Milgram recently posted..Introduction: Jessica Kremer, CEOMy Profile

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for visiting. That’s a great way of looking at it, a wishlist can certainly form the basis of your plan of action.

      Enjoy the journey.


  6. Hi Mandy,

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your hangout being such a success. It’s really good to see you spreading your wings 🙂

    I think the subject you covered was brilliant and right up my street, putting people together to get things done… Excellent.

    I’d love to join you on one of your hangouts but at the moment I can’t say whether I’m available from one day to the next.

    What would I like from Santa to aid my business??? A letter from my surgeon saying that he’ll make sure 2013 is a better year for me 😉

    Thanks Mandy

    Barry Wells recently posted..Are Your Sidebars Working In Your Favour?My Profile

    1. Hi Barry, I really enjoy running the hangouts. I do them every Tuesday evening now and have not only met some great people but have learned a lot from those people too. I’m in the process of deciding whether to have a private hangout tribe of buddies on a regular basis and would definitely invite you when I get round to it. For me too it’s about time, and also I have to go to my mum’s to run the hangouts as my connection won’t let me do it from home. One disadvantage of living in the sticks!

      Enjoy the journey.


  7. Hi Mandy,

    I think for my Christmas wishlist I would have to say more traffic for more sales because I like to have enough money to fund my online efforts. I enjoy helping people with WordPress modifications and building clients sites then mentoring them to handle the things they want to do all on their own. This makes me feel good because my heart swells when my clients finally “get it” and have enough knowledge to do their own thing. They of course pick up not only the knowledge, but the confidence to become successful.

    To be honest, I have not really pushed for more traffic, or for sales for that matter. But I give away a lot of products that are helpful, and have even written some to answer questions from my readers and clients.

    I guess after re-reading this that I really do not have a list. I think as I give, I get way more in return.

    Merry Christmas!
    Jay Mueller recently posted..Website Creation Steps on HoldMy Profile

    1. Hi Jay, traffic is essential to the success of our businesses. Traffic = prospects and prospects = potential sales.

      Enjoy the journey.


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