All For One And One For All – Be Accountable

One of the most important things I learned at Randy Smith’s Northallerton meet up was the power of being in the same room with other Internet Marketers.  It changes your whole attitude to your business and although you might find yourself thinking in very different ways about what you do that is actually a good thing.

If you have never made the effort to go to a seminar, conference, meet up or other event with other Internet Marketers you should consider doing so.  Not only can it be a great personal boost to your enthusiasm the networking you can do and support you get from the other attenders is unparalleled.

I was supposed to be having a few days holiday after the meeting but decided to come home instead and start to put into practice the ideas I had been able to develop, with the help of the other attendees there.

So then I got home to find I had made a sale over the weekend, which was a great discovery, and today Sally Neill answered my comment on her blog post ‘United We Brand, Divided We Fall‘ suggesting to me that I should write a blog post about the ideas and set my intentions for this next month, so I would be accountable to all of you who read it!

My goals are really quite small because there’s nothing I hate more than saying I am going to do something then not achieving it, so I’d rather exceed my expectations at the end of the month!  So my goals for this month are:

  • Finish the two products I have had sitting on the back burner for an age
  • Take a really good look at my lack of monetisation on all of my sites
  • Work harder to promote my sites in the right places (I have a better idea of where those places are now)
  • Re-organise my giveaway offerings to create better monetisation of the products (again, amazing advice given at the meeting about that)
  • Do something productive with all the niche domains I have sitting doing nothing that could be online and earning money for me

Does that all sound a bit money orientated?  Maybe, but at the end of the day I am trying to make a living out of this online business, and I’m not going to do that if I don’t consider monetisation and how I can earn that cash each month.  As I say on this site, I am blogging to make money, it’s not only for fun.

So your goals for this month will be look at how well you monetise, can you make improvements to what you are doing to bring in more cash?  And if you know of a meet up you can go to make the effort.  It is well worth the time.  If you live anywhere between Norfolk and Northallerton (A17 to Newark then straight up the A1) I’d be happy to car share.


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  1. Hi Mandy, I’m glad to hear that you got so much from the meet up. I will be attending one myself when the off line world around me settles down and allows me to take a weekend out.

    I know that the meet up was a busy one this time as I’ve seen loads of you mention it. I must admit that whilst I was working on Saturday i was thinking of you all……

    You’ve got your work cut out for this month, I hope you achieve all that you set out to..

    Catch up soon mandy, Have a productive week,

    Respect and Regards, Barry

    1. Hi Barry, it would be great to meet up sometime. I intend to go pretty regularly through the summer as I think it will be difficult travelling during those awful winter months we seem to get these days. I’m busy getting onto my list already!

      Enjoy the journey.


  2. It’s good you set these specific goals for the month. The ultimate online career killer is a lack of direction and goals. I need to write mine down more often, because I usually keep them in my head. Mostly I don’t forget but there is an occasion here n there.

    1. Hi Brandon, thanks for visiting. I do like to set goals, I don’t always manage to get them achieved, often due to techie difficulties as I am not in the least bit able to sort techie things out myself. It is good to have goals though, and to try to stick to them. I am thinking that if I attend these meetings monthly there will be an incentive to get on with things!

      Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hi Mandy,

    It was great meeting you at the meet up 🙂
    And I’m thrilled you got some useful content and valuable info from others who attended… even more so that you had a sale waiting for you when you got home 🙂

    From what I’ve seen of you over the last couple of years or so, I know you are doing things the right way in providing value first and foremost… and some of us do teach to not worry about the cash and focus on giving value…

    But YES – one does need to have the motetisation in place…not focus on it as a primary objective – but have it set up so that it can come from giving value to people just as you have been!

    So I’m looking forward to seeing your stats improve and you hitting your goals and targets.

    Chat soon

    1. Hi Randy, thanks for visiting. There were so many very familiar names at your meeting. It was a lovely event and one I intend to visit regularly. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad I come across with those values as they are at the very heart of my intentions. I have got to work on monetising though, I need to start earning now.

      Enjoy the journey.


  4. Hi Mandy

    It was great meeting and chatting to you at Randys Northallerton meet.

    There was a wonderful energy in the room with all the marketers that you hear about and read their blogs….then finally coming face to face with was a great day.

    All credit to Randy for such a great event.

    Looking for ward to the next one 🙂



    1. Hi Zahid, likewise. I was very impressed with the whole day. I’m hoping to car share so I can come often. No doubt we will meet again soon.

      Enjoy the journey.


  5. Hi Mandy,

    It was great meeting you at the weekend at the meet up 🙂

    I love how you’ve come straight back and taken action and wrote this post….well done!

    Also congratulations on your making your sale 😉 Let’s hope there’s many more to come 🙂



    1. Thanks for visiting, Craig. Yes, it was really nice to put faces to names and actually talk to people, not just blog comments and emails.

      This post – Sally made me do it! It has been a real boost though. I had a load of intentions and announcing them has made it more important to fulfil them. I have already crossed most off the list, just got the products to finish I think. I actually need one for the PLR giveaway in July so I must do it. And yes, I hope for more of the same! No doubt I will see you at another of Randy’s meets.

      Enjoy the journey.


  6. Hey Mandy,

    That’s great you have a list of goals to achieve, but don’t try and do too much at once, take a look at what will have the most impact on your online business the fastest and focus on that first for super fast results.

    As you get great results it will inspire you and motivate you to keep moving forward.

    Like Randy said, monetizing your business is important to have in place so long as your primary goal is to provide true value first and foremost.

    And be VERY SPECIFIC about how much you want to earn.

    You don’t just say to yourself I wanna make money, you set a target of lets say $1000 a month (approx 30 days) so you need to earn $33 or so dollars daily.

    Make that your goal and set about achieving that amount every single day – this is easily achievable.

    Well done on making yourself accountable via your blog, I do it all the time as you know and it keeps me moving forward at a very fast pace.

    Was lovely to meet you in person and I shall see you in London this weekend.

    Sally 🙂

    ps. thanks for the shout out to my blog post, very kind of ya!

    1. HI Sally, thanks for visiting. I thought it was a great idea of yours to write on here what I inted to do…and so far I have achieved all but one of the tasks – how’s that for motivation!

      Enjoy the journey.


      1. Hey Mandy,

        Yeah I do have good ideas sometimes lol.

        But what’s more important is that you took action and went and done it, that’s half the battle with being a success online.

        Heard you might make it to the July Northallerton meeting, good stuff, and it’s a shame you missed London but I am sure there will be many more seminars this year that you can attend.

        Sally 🙂

        1. Hi Sally, thanks for visiting. I was so hyped with ideas I had no trouble writing this and have had no trouble taking action. And yes, I have sorted out that day, will drive up from Derby for the meeting then back again for supper!

          Enjoy the journey.


  7. Congratulations for getting those things accomplished you had on your list to do. Very well done indeed. I’m very impressed.

    I recently attended a MeetUp and although I was under the impression that it was on a different topic, I did meet someone there and we are now doing business together. So all things work out the way they are suppose to. I’m just thrilled I had an open mind and went. I’ve got more on my list to attend but unfortunately, they have no meetings scheduled in the very near future. I’m not giving up though.

    Wish I lived close to you guys, would love to be in the same room with you all. But visiting with others in this industry is important although sometimes you aren’t quite sure why at that time. It all falls into place the way it’s suppose to though.

    Thanks for sharing Mandy and again congratulations. Hope you got to enjoy a few days to yourself.


    1. Hi Adrienne, thanks for visiting. Meet ups are such a good idea. This one was quite general but only because there were a lot of us there. The more regularly we all go the more focussed it will become, I’m sure.

      Enjoy the journey.


  8. Hi Mandy,

    I must ask my Self … where is this England in this World ?? LoL ..hehehe… I hope that will be Randy and others life when I’ll catch a plane to Northallerton or some other meeting !! I can see you’re now full of Ideas for better Business Online. Nice. I hope that you’ll give us some Idea where can we Advertising our Sites Online better and for Free or money. I hope that is not so big secret this ?!

    Have a nice weekend !


    1. Hi Alex, thanks for visiting. It would be good to see you at Northallerton when you get to England, Alex.

      Enjoy the journey.


  9. Hi Mandy

    Great blog post you have here and I totally agree with you that seminars are a great place to not only meet like minded people, but there are a great place to share great ideas, tips, advice and it also wonderful to hear that you have plans and goals set. I look forward to hearing you achieving them and your future successes as well!

    Keep up the great work

    1. Hi Nigel, thanks for visiting. I had the biggest boost at the meet up, it really made a difference to my work. I have already achieved almost everything on the list too!

      Enjoy the journey.


  10. nice post. Like this article. I’m blogger from Indonesia. and Thank you

    1. Hi Sugi, thanks for visiting. And thanks for your kind words.

      Enjoy the journey.


  11. Helloooo Mandy

    It was lovely to meet you at the meetup and even better that it inspired you to take
    action and get more stuff done.

    Have you ticked everything off your list yet or have you been slacking lol

    Isn’t it funny how we will take action when we are accountable to someone or something but we don’t do it for ourself.

    See you at the next meet up.


    1. Hi Dawn, thanks for visiting. I’ve nearly completed the whole list! I’m amazed at how much I have achieved but I think sometimes it’s easy to get a bit despondent when nothing seems to be happening.

      Enjoy the journey.


  12. Hi Mandy,
    I’m so glad to hear and feel the excitement in your post. I would love to go to one of Randy’s meet ups – He’s a wise marketer and I’m sure he doesn’t hold back.

    I agree with Randy’s comment here too. You’ve already covered the “give good information to my readers” part of the equation and there’s nothing wrong with thinking about the monetization part of it now. It sounds like you’re taking the step up to the next level and it’s bound to reward you. 🙂


    1. Hi Peggy, thanks for visiting. I have been so motivated this month, I can’t believe how much work I’ve done, and I made it onto the Push Button Giveaways leaderboard too!

      Enjoy the journey.


  13. Hi Mandy

    Loving this blog.
    Very inspirational.

    It has motivated me even more for my product creation just by looking at it!


    1. Hi James, glad to see you here, and even better that you got something from the post!

      Enjoy the journey.


  14. Hi Mandy…Thanks for stopping by at my site, was much appreciated…
    Most of my best laid plans seem to disappear into oblivion..Lack of time, knowledge, etc etc….what comes with constantly working away from home I suppose??..
    It`s nice to see you have to inspiration and motivation to set your goals and achieve them….
    Take Care…
    all the best………Mike

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for visiting. I guess lack of time is the biggie when you are still trying to hold down a job, isn’t it. I just try to have a plan, although techie difficulties often interfere with any plans for time that I make!

      Enjoy the journey.


  15. Hi Mandy:

    I am so happy to read your blog post and about your monthly goals. Just rinse and repeat and with more action power than before, so it turns into 2, 4 and 6 and so on, then you don’t need to count how many.

    Meeting friends in person and just chating on the Internet is different experience. I did experience it here.

    Keep your focus and make lots more sales

    Fran A

    1. Hi Fran, thanks for visiting. Yes, rinse and repeat, that’s the way to go.

      Enjoy the journey.


  16. Hi Mandy,

    First of all I love the new blog! 🙂

    Secondly, you are absolutly right about attending these types of events and making contact with like-minded individuals who you can not only network and do business with but you can also bounce ideas off and seek guidance.

    I think I will have to make the effort to get up North as some point to attend one of Randy’s meet-ups.

    By the way great idea about making yourself accountable on your blog, i shall be back in a month to make sure you have got those things done 😉

    Steve Wilkins.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for visiting, and thanks for those kind words. I do believe that attending the meet up was the single most influential thing I have done in my online career. It would be good to see you there.

      Enjoy the journey.


  17. Hi Mandy,

    Your goals don’t look money-oriented to me but they actually look REAL. Let’s face it, most of us blog to earn a living. Sure thing we blog to help, inspire, share ideas and all but most of us do it as a way to earn money. 🙂

    1. Hi Ira, thanks for visiting. I really like your comment, yes, we are all trying to make an online income here!

      Enjoy the journey.


  18. Hi Mandy,
    Firstly thanks for visiting my “lost blog” and leaving a message encouragement.

    Wow! your excitement comes through in the post.
    It is always great to meet like minded people who are happy to share their knowledge.
    Two of the people you mentioned Randy & Sally are such people…no I have not met them but I do follow them.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Bryan, thanks for visiting. Your blog isn’t ‘lost’, bless you. It was very much there, but it’s true, it is an opportunity to have a ‘makeover’. And I quite agree about the people who attend these meetups, there are some amazing marketers there.

      Enjoy the journey.


  19. Wow Mandy…I must say your site is looking fabulous!
    Do you mind my asking who did your photo and put it all together for you?
    It looks awesome!

    You have certainly found your niche and stride Mandy. I feel passion in this endeavor and I don’t doubt one bit that you will be highly successful here.

    I am so jealous that I cannot attend your meetings. I will have to start networking with some Americans… ….I do know a few…and see if I can attend their meetings. lol
    I also want to meet with you the next time you come to Orlando. So, let me know as far in advance as possible so I can get it on the calendar.

    Keep your momentum going Mandy…you have found your stride 😉

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for visiting. It is a great boost to get to a meetup, Kathy, and there’s no reason why you can’t start one where you are. I’m in the process of writing an ebook about it and will send you a free copy when it’s done. I’ll email you about graphics etc., yes, they do look splendid, don’t they!

      Enjoy the journey.


  20. Hi Mandy,

    It’s a great idea to write out your goals on a public forum and then be accountable to yourself and your credibility to attain those goals. I like it and would definitely give it a try. As far as your goals, I know times when you step back and take things for granted. Something similar happened when I was promoting my pearl jewelry. It sure is a right step. If I can just pitch in with an advice, monetization apart, do concentrate in quality content.

    Best Wishes.
    Kevin Rudd

    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for visiting. Accountability certainly is motivating!

      Enjoy the journey.


  21. Mandy,

    The meetup sounds great and I look forward to being able to attend an off line meeting of some sort.

    Your goals are great.

    I know I need to look at my monetisation of my blogs. That is one place I am lacking.

    I also need to sit down and write down my goals for the month like you did. I like that and then just work toward those goals.

    Thanks for the great post.

    Dee Ann

    1. Hi Dee Ann, thanks for visiting. You should look round for a meet up or start one yourself. I’m just in the process of writing a guide about them and I truly believe anyone can host them.

      I was lacking in the monetisation stakes. Just never really put that much thought into it, I was more focussed on building strong online relationships, which have served me very well and are paying dividends now. And goals, yes, very important, and if you get to a monthly meet you can review them each month and be accountable to your ‘group’. It’s a great incentive.

      Enjoy the journey.


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