A Useful Tool For All Those Passwords

The one thing I have discovered in my internet experiences is never use the same username/password for everything!  Many years ago when I was very very new to the world wide web I used one word as a password for everything.  Very easy to remember.  I mean, why use loads of different words and then have the problem of forgetting them all the time?  All was fine for several years, until key loggers hacked into my ebay account.  Of course, the result was that they also accessed my e.mail account and my paypal account.  They diverted all my e.mails somewhere else.  Their intention was to list unsavoury items and e.bay soon discovered an unusual pattern on my account and froze it.  The first I new about it was a telephone call from e.bay that alerted me to the problem.  It took ages to sort out, ages to get my e.bay account back and working properly again, and I lost all those e.mails that had been diverted, many of them may have been personal.  Luckily I did not lose any money, I was very poor at the time so my paypal account was virtually dormant!

Now you can use mozilla firefox to automatically enter your username and password.  I am constantly asked if I want the information to be remembered.  This is very useful but I like to have a back up.  What would happen if my laptop was stolen?  I would need the information to be stored somewhere else so I could still access my various accounts and saved webpages.

A great tool I have found and used successfully is Roboform.  It is a very comprehensive tool that will suit your needs, no matter what stage you are at with your Internet Marketing career.

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