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Are you on my list?  Following on from yesterday’s post I would now like to thank everyone who has visited, read and commented on my blog posts during 2012.  I was thinking maybe I could create a list, like Sergio did.  Then I realised just how much work it took!  Not that you are not worth the effort of course.

So who has helped me progress in 2012?  There were a couple of great pices of training I did during the year, both helped me enormously to move forward with my online business.  The most prominent was David Walker’s 30 Day Marketer training.  It is a superb eye opener and something every marketer can learn from.  I was then introduced to Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars, which in itself is not so much training as an opportunity to mix online with like minded marketers through weekly hangouts, but shortly after I joined the hangouts Gavin produced a piece of training called Tribe Traffic Mastery, and he has more excellent training in the pipeline.

So I decided to acknowledge the people who have nelped me in any way during 2012 by creating this post.  There have been a number of advantages to this.  Firstly in my efforts to list and link all my commenters it allowed me the opportunity to get rid of broken links and links that went to error pages or blogs that were no longer ‘live’.  So below you have the ‘clean’ version of all the people who commented during 2012 including a link to their blogs.  It would be great if you could visit a few of them and let them know you dropped by from here.  They would really appreciate it, I know.

So thank you to my readers – here you are:

Aaron Hung Adrian Whittle Adrienne Smith
Akos Finter Alice McCarthy Allan Pengalanty
Andrerw Dean Andy Beveridge Angus McEwan
Anne Woko Barry Wells Becky Adams
Beth Hewitt Beverly Monical Bill Murney
Blake Carlisle Brandon Connell Bruno Buergi
Cararta Carl Picot Carlton James
Celeste Smucker Cris Johnson Dan Sumner
David Paul Dawn Kay Dee Ann Rice
Donna Merrill Elizabeth Horlemann Enstine Muki
Geoff Lord George Park Freddy Rodriguez
Hajra Hilary Melton-Butcher Ian Ieba
Ileane Smith Jack Milgram Jake Jaeger
James Hughes Janelle Wright Jay Mueller
Kevinn Long Jeremy Ruggles Jessica Johnson
Joey Xoto John Barton Jon Rhodes
Jon Barry Jordan Rawlin Julie Dunlop
Kathy Dobson Kelvin Myles Ken Kinstle
Kerris Torkington Kim Stanbrook Kristen Wells
Laura Morris Leigh Barker Lesley Federici
Leslie Denning Linda Bond Loretta Raine
Martin Casper Michelle Stevens Mike Hemmins
Mirium Buhr Mitch Mitchell Mys Palmer
Nicky Price Nigel Yip Pat Graham
Patricia Gozlan Paul Eveleigh Pauline Bennett
Paul Kusemiju Peggy Baron Phil McDermott
Philip Alex Philip Rees Randy Smith
Riaan Saaiman Rob Corrigan Romy Singh
Ryan Biddulph Sapna Sergio Felix
Shawn Wilson Steve Hippel Steve King
Steve Shoemaker Steve Vernon Sue Price
Susan Cooper Suzanne Glathar Sylvianne Nuccio
Terry Conti Theuns Serfontein Tony Taron
Warren Wooden Yetunde Daramola Simmeon Joseph


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  1. Hey Mandy,

    How sweet that you’ve mentioned me!
    I wish you the best for 2013 both in business and personal life!


    1. Hi Akos, well you made the time to come over to my blog in 2012 and now you’ve made it over again, well worth a mention! Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you have a great 2013!

      Enjoy the journey.


  2. Hi Mandy

    I am really honored to be on your list and thank you for the same.

    Wishing you a happy and prosperous New year ahead.


    Sapna recently posted..Naive Blogger – After President, The Busiest Person on Planet(An Infographic)My Profile

    1. Hi Sapna, lovely to see you here again and hope to see more of you this year too!

      Enjoy the journey.


  3. Hi Mandy
    Thank you for mentioning me in your post.
    I think this is a brilliant way of starting the New Year. You have shown that the connections and contacts you have made are important and matter to you.
    We are part of a great community here and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to meet you.
    Hope 2013 brings you what you desire
    Kerris Torkington recently posted..Go On I Challenge You!My Profile

    1. Hi Kerris, thanks for visiting. It’s a brilliant way to thank my visitors and you have all spent time commenting on my blog, which is what it’s all about really. You are right, my readers are very important to me. Lovely to see you here again. Hope you achieve great things in 2013!

      Enjoy the journey.


  4. Hi Mandy,

    That’s a great list of bloggers you’ve put together there. I’ll make a point of visiting those that I don’t already.

    Thank you very much for including me in the list, I really appreciate it, as I do all the help you gave me throughout 2012.

    Fingers crossed my recovery starts next week and I’ll be back to normal very soon after that 🙂

    Thanks Mandy,
    Barry Wells recently posted..Saying Goodbye To 2012 With A SmileMy Profile

    1. Hi Barry, great to see you here. I hope you are ok after your op. I love these kinds of posts on other blogs too as it brings to your attention other places to visit with a wealth of helpful information.

      Enjoy the journey.


  5. Hi Mandy
    This still must have taken you a while to put together as you have a long list here! Thanks for including me, I appreciate the mention and link 🙂
    I will visit those on your list that are new to me, I love this type of post as we all get to connect with new people.
    I wish you a successful 2013
    Pauline recently posted..How To Get More Comments On Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Hi Pauline, thanks for visiting. I really enjoyed doing this post as it reminded me what people had written and also allowed me the opportunity of renewing old contacts.

      Enjoy the journey.


  6. Hi Mandy,
    So sweet that you mentioned me on the list. I do really appreciate that plus the link.

    I hope to find ways to engage more with you this year 2013

    Have a splendid weeke 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted..How To Write Very Attractive Blog CommentsMy Profile

  7. Hi Mandy!

    How I missed this post i do not know, and thanks for adding myself to the list!

    Sorry it took this long to find it, which I did of course from your Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnToBlogWithMandyAllen/

    I have asked to join that too, even though i thought I had before! Scatter brained at times lol.

    A lovely idea for a post, and one that should be copied I feel…. I shall try to get this into a schedule somewhere…. Perhaps as an anniversary post perhaps?

    Regarding what you have managed in the year 2012 – and The networking superstars, as I am a member in there, and remember when you joined…. and where you are now, a great success story of yours inside that organisation.

    For anyone who does not know Mandy is one of our great mastermind leaders, and her help and support is superb, and her “meetings” are the best in the group i would have to say. Very structured, controlled, and very very focussed.

    She is so good, that Mandy may well be the “go to” person regarding training of new leaders in the group.

    For me, it is a great bonus for us in The Networking Superstars that you joined, and share your knowledge so freely!

    So thank you for making that decision in 2012!

    Bring on (the rest of) 2013!

    Posted By Jon Barry of http://JonBarry.co.uk
    Jon Barry recently posted..Focus… How To Keep Doing What We Do!My Profile

    1. Wow, Jon, thanks! I am humbled by your reply. Must admit that I had to fish this out of spam comments, not quite sure why you ended up there and it’s a good job I check them from time to time or I would never have been able to have that glowing feeling inside that this reply has given me. I might just have to share it with the world! Glad you have benefitted from my team leadership and hope to work a lot more with you in the future.

      Enjoy the journey.


      1. Hi Mandy

        Remember the TV show, “CatchPhrase”?

        And what the presenter always said? “Say what you see now!”

        So, just simple reporting!

        The other thing that has stuck with me, hard to do,but stuck is some training I had to conduct while being a petrol station manager. It was Shell trainings, and they were trying to get the service level up from the usual UK standard at the time…. Bloke, very board, smoking, reading a paper, acting as if you were disturbing him, just because you wanted to pay…..

        The training was Positive Strokes.

        The idea was to CATCH employees doing something RIGHT, and PRAISING them in public… As opposed to times when they may need telling off, which should always be done in private..

        Such a simple flip, spot something good done right, and proclaim it to the world!

        So at times, I remember, and do!

        I also think goal I wrote a post about this concept, called “Different Stroke” I believe…..


        Re spamtrap -that will be because you send any comments to with a url in to the bin! I often put a url in my comment tagilne…. For blogs that do not look up with Comments the Luv correctly.. And is a habit!

        Maybe worth dropping… If others are just spamming the comments too…
        Jon Barry recently posted..Don't Chase People – Will Smith!My Profile

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