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I have a blogging friend, Beth Hewitt, and thought I would reproduce a poem she wrote earlier this year – rather fun and oh so true!

I’m going to change the world I said, whilst staring at the screen.
I’ll write so much my friends will flock to see exactly what I mean.
I’ll blog about my passions, I’ll blog about my niche,
perhaps about some far off place or how to make a quiche.

Then when I’ve picked some plugins, I’ll upload them round the back,
I’ll move my widgets up and down, till my sidebar’s out of whack.
I’ll pretend I know my HTML from my capture page and funnel,
but really I’ll just wing it pasting code from some place other.

When I’ve completed my first masterpiece I‘ll press the publish button.
I’ll wait a while – refresh my screen, is there something I’ve forgotten?
Oh no, I cry, this can’t be right, I must have done it wrong.
I need to add some social things so my content moves along.

Syndication is the medication that I really need to take.
More bloggers to engage with and more comments I should make.
And now my blog is buzzing, but I’ve got to catch some leads,
but how to do that properly? – Oh Aweber’s what I needs.

Now I’m blogging at full throttle till some shiny thing appears.
I must have that I just need it, if I don’t I’ll hear the jeers(from some half baked unreal expert or that guru that’s not real.)

Does this cycle ever end? Will I ever make a dime?
Should I quit before I start? Do I really have the time?
But even though the times are testing and it feels like such a chore.
I really can’t imagine, If I had a blog no more.

Beth Hewitt Jan 2013

Enjoy the journey.


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